SPOILER ALERT: Could This Be Why Colton Jumps The Fence?

Before I get started straying from my normal Betches career content to talking about something that a c t u a l l y blew my mind, I have to tell you: this article has A LOT of spoilers. I literally didn’t think my brain could handle any more celeb drama this week with the whole Khloé/Tristan thing, but deep in the artifacts of Reality Steve, I discovered something juicy AF. And I just have to share.

Take this as your official spoiler alert. If you’re one of those people who genuinely wants to be surprised during the final rose ceremony, welp, don’t keep reading. I won’t be offended. I’m just not one of those people. But you can’t come crying to me in the comments since I have given you fair warning!

It was a normal Monday night. I was sitting down with a glass of wine texting my friend group chat (coincidentally called Bachelor Betches—I’m not kidding). It was hour two of The Bachelor, which is also the time where I run out of posts in my Instagram feed and wonder why I spend so many hours of my week obsessing over this show.

For some reason, I decided to check Reality Steve. If I’m being totally honest, I checked Reality Steve in NOVEMBER to see who won Colton’s season of The Bachelor and saw that Colton and Cassie were engaged (this post). I thought this would allow me to relax and enjoy the season, without any suspense at all. The end.

Buuuuut, I was getting to my wit’s end of the incessant girl fighting that was ensuing on this week’s show, I decided to read the episode-by-episode spoilers. In what seemed like ten years later, I got to page 4 of the post when I came across something new.



Reality Steve states, “Cassie got cold feet…and realized she wasn’t ready to be engaged yet. She told him this and essentially left the show…he still ended things with Hannah G. without even taking her on their overnight date. Ended things with Tayshia as well, and essentially ended filming at that point. So there will be no final three rose ceremony and no final rose ceremony.”

OMG. Is that even allowed in Bachelor world? I thought they were locked up at the mercy of producers forever and had to stay in mystical Bachelor land until someone says, “Can I walk you out?”

It gets better. According to Reality Steve, after Colton realizes Cassie is “the one” he chases after her and meets her back at home. My heart. Like, I never thought I’d say this but I legit love him as the Bachelor. He totally could have stayed for one of the other two girls for optics’ sake. There haven’t been any new romcoms for me to watch on Netflix and Colton just comes in here, strolling along, creating one on our TV screen. How flipping cute.

According to Reality Steve, they are dating now and not engaged, which is COMPLETELY reasonable as a couple that’s only known each other for two months.

Now I will say Reality Steve isn’t ALWAYS right. So I did some of my own digging…and I have to say I think there’s some legitimacy to this timeline. Here’s why:

The Ring Box Is Empty During The Season Preview

During the end of the season preview, you can see Colton open an EMPTY ring box, HINTING at the fact that he doesn’t get engaged. Is ABC trying to trick us? Or is this some serious foreshadowing!?

The Past Few Bachelor/Bachelorettes Have Announced That They Were Engaged Before The Season Even Started

I distinctly remember most other Bachelor and Bachelorettes announcing that they were engaged before the season even started (i.e. Rachel, Becca, and even Arie!). Yet, Colton doesn’t seem to have said that once! Jimmy Kimmel, who often predicts the shows ending, even says he “ends up with Cassie” and not “he is engaged to Cassie”. Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but it sure seems like this is the case!

ABC Is Shadily Foreshadowing This

There has been a two-week build-up (that feels like a 10-year build-up!) to having girls tell Colton, “someone in the house is not ready to be engaged”. In fact, it’s been the cause of what feels like all the girl drama this season! I know ABC has tons of footage, I mean TONS. Doesn’t it seem coincidental for them to be picking up this storyline if it is actually that Colton’s first choice is actually not ready to be engaged?! Seems like a perfect tee up to me!

Colton Still Has Not Jumped The Fence

Look—we all know Colton is athletic. But they’ve been showing the preview of the fencing jumping incident for months now. I have to think that that moment is going to be at the MOST DRAMATIC (insert Chris Harrison’s voice here) point in the season. In other words, I think Colton’s going to jump the fence when Cassie heads home, and then he pulls the plug on the entire show. Furthermore, it’s also dark outside when Colton jumps the fence, which supports Reality Steve’s whole “overnight date fence jumping” theory.


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Is it just me, or has no one has talked about this!? Did they just not have the time (clearly I have nothing better to do) to get to Page 4 of Reality Steve’s article? Is ABC paying them to stay silent? Is (like every good news story) Kris Jenner behind this?! Or, am I BASICALLY NANCY DREW? Or like, the equivalent of Nancy Drew who finds what someone else already found—but you know what I mean.

How does he get Cassie back? Will they get engaged on ATFR?! Can you tell I’m addicted to this show?! 

Either way, I kind of love this season and Colton. I never thought I’d say that but I legit do and I can’t wait to see what happens. 

Do you think this prediction is right?! Comment below!

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