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An Official Pitch Deck For Scooter Braun’s All-New, Barely C-List Client Roster

Scooter Braun, the controversial pop star manager who’s best known for discovering Justin Bieber and snaking Taylor Swift, has lost four major clients (that we know of) in the span of a few months.  

The aforementioned Biebs allegedly hasn’t spoken with Scooter in months, Broadway legend Idina Menzel parted ways with him earlier this year, and just yesterday we learned that both Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande have drop-kicked Scootz to the curb. I guess he wasn’t delivering on his core brand tenets of “#hustle,” “play chess not checkers,” and, most notably, “why be normal?” (yes, these are real). 

To strategize and fill his nearly empty roster, Scooter received the below PowerPoint presentation from his intern, which was subsequently leaked in the comments section of a PopCrave tweet. 

Scooter-braun-slide Scooter-braun-slide Scooter-braun-slide jojo-siwa-scooter


the-weekend-scooter Scooter-braun-slide

Emma Sharpe
Emma Sharpe
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