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The Best Reactions To Ryan Gosling's Iconic "I'm Just Ken" Oscars Performance

Ryan Gosling belting his heart out in front of 65 backup dancers is something I never knew I needed. That grand rendition of “I’m Just Ken” just singlehandedly ended gender inequality, and I’m a whole different woman now. My soul is healed, my mind is awakened, and my body is ready to perform some epic choreography. Can someone please find me 65 women to back up my show-stopping Oscars 2025 performance? (I’m the star of the upcoming Bratz movie, and there’s already lots of Oscar buzz…)

“I’m Just Ken” is, of course, nominated for best original song, and Ryan also earned a nod for best supporting actor tonight. Is it awkward that he’s low-key the star of the show… when Greta and Margot aren’t really being recognized this evening? I mean, yes, I’ll give you that. This situation was certainly not on my 2024 award show bingo card. (Yay for America Ferrera, though!!) The reality is, two things can be true at once: People are sexist, and my king is still a star. The VOICE. The PINK SUIT. The CUTE CAST INTERACTIONS. Here are my most favorite “I’m Just Ken” Twitter reactions.

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Ilana Frost
Ilana Frost
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