How To Make Moving Suck Less

Moving sucks. Literally nobody likes moving. If you just LOVE moving, you’re wrong and you’re weird and we can’t be friends.

Arguably, the worst part of moving is packing all your sh*t into boxes and then living in a world of cardboard for days before the movers even show. If the very idea of deciding if you have enough towels to wrap your cups in is sending you into a rage blackout, breathe, because a service exists that can do ALL THE WORK for you.

Enter Roadway. Basically, this moving company will come to your apartment, check out your sh*t, and tell you FOR FREE how much it’ll cost to move you. And when we say move you, we mean they’ll actually physically bring the boxes of your sh*t in a truck to your new location WITH THE OPTION of actually packing and unpacking your clothes, television, end tables, etc. I’ve moved about 10 times now, and never realized this was a thing. So, if you think I’m going to drink a bottle of wine tonight and cry about the several items I’ve lost or damaged due to my own sh*tty packing, you’re right. Please reserve your judgment at this time.

Like, having someone pack for you literally means that you can sit on a couch and point at different items. All you have to do is open the door so they can, like, come in. It legit doesn’t get any easier than that.

And don’t worry if your building (the one you’re leaving or heading to) is like, super fancy. Roadway’s insurance coverage can seriously accommodate for the strictest buildings in NYC. Plus, all of their associates are their actual employees; i.e. they’ve passed a background check and aren’t from some janky third party service where guys with leering eyes will ask how long you’ve been single. You can rest assured that they won’t leave the door open so your cat can run out or leave grease stains on the floor of your new penthouse.

So, yeah, next time you have to move because your landlord decided to triple your rent, try not to stress. And, also, make someone else do literally all of the work by using Roadway. As an added bonus, Betches readers can get a 10% discount on a local NYC move by mentioning the code BETCHES10 in Additional Details when requesting a quote.

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Image: Josh Edgoose / Unsplash

Sarah Nowicki
Sarah Nowicki
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