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The ‘RHONY’ Women Unanimously Agree On The Group's Worst Secret Keeper

Sure, there’s a part of every Bravo fan that will always love the original Real Housewives of New York cast. But, over time, apples start to get mealy. And then they become inedible. So you bring in a crisp, new bushel of apples, none of which have ever headlined a cabaret or been arrested in Palm Beach. Though some fans were reluctant to get on board, the start of the RHONY reboot has been met with praise. Sai De Silva, Ubah Hassan, Erin Dana Lichy, Jenna Lyons, Jessel Taank, and Brynn Whitfield are giving us aspirational, cool girl energy. Exactly what New York needed.

Sai, Erin, Jessel and Brynn came on Betches’ Mention It All podcast hosted by Dylan Hafer and answered some rapid fire questions. They bring the perfect balance of delicious bitchiness and well-intended snark. Plus their outfits are sick. 

Who is the worst texter?

Sai: Brynn… a little too wordy.

Brynn: I would say Brynn.

Erin: Brynn goes from here to here, it’s like either you get paragraphs and essays.

Brynn: Because if I’m on my computer on iMessage while working I can type super quickly so it’s like word vomit.

Erin: Or you’re gone. 

Brynn: Or I just disappear because like, I’m in Europe.

Who turned out to be most different from your expectations?

Sai: Jenna! 

Erin: Jenna.

Brynn: Jenna, I thought she was going to be Miranda Priestly. I was expecting her to look at me and be like, that outfit is trash and you’re a peasant and like… nothing. She’s like a little mouse. I felt like I had to protect her; she’s very mousey.

Jessel: Me, I thought I was going to be different. I was surprised. 

Erin: That’s the best answer. 

Jessel: You know how you have expectations of how you’re going to be but you’re not taking into account these other five personalities. And so my dynamic with each of the girls was so different it brought out a personality I didn’t know I had… 

Who would not tell you if you had food in your teeth?

Sai: I feel like Jessel’s a little too polite. 

Brynn: Jessel?

Jessel: No, I would, are you fucking kidding me?

Brynn: You’re so nice, you would PR it. 

Jessel: But I’m all about aesthetics, baby. If you were fucking up my picture with your spinach tooth…

Erin: I think we all would. No one wants to be with a girl with shit in their teeth. It’s more selfish.  

Who is the mother of the group?

Sai: ME! No, Ubah! Ubah is the mother of the group. I think Ubah, I like to wrangle everyone, I’m like let’s go let’s get it let’s do this. I’m a wrangler. I think Ubah is a bit more patient and she is more empathetic than I am. 

Brynn: I would say Jenna.

Jessel: I would say Ubah.

Erin: Yeah, I would say Ubah more, she’s always making sure everyone eats, did everyone get their car…  she takes care of shit. 

Betches: Make sure you eat, but specific foods only

Erin: Oh yeah, not caviar, not sushi, not cold fish, not cheese.

Brynn: Fuck cheese.

Who is chronically late?

Erin: Ubah.

Jessel: Ubah.

Brynn: I’m late because I’m masturbating half the time.

Sai: Jenna.

Who is the best at going with the flow?

Jessel: Sai or Brynn?

Brynn: Yeah, Sai or me.

Erin: I’m pretty good at going with the flow.

Brynn: Yeah but you and I are the same way, we’re either really fucking cool or grouchy. 

Sai: Erin goes with the flow… I think. 

Who has the best taste in music?

Sai: Oh my God, Erin has the worst taste in music ever. She’s just very one-dimensional with her music.

Erin: They don’t like ABBA! They think it’s weird that I like ABBA. They think it’s strange that I like disco, who doesn’t like disco?

Jessel: I just think when you’re drunk you want to listen to a certain type of music… reggae, hip-hop, a little Drizzy to get you in the mood

Erin: I don’t even know who that is.

Who would be the best to be stranded on a deserted island with?

All (except Sai): Ubah.

Sai: ME. 

Who has the most trouble keeping a secret?

Brynn: Me.

Jessel: Yeah.

Erin: Yeah.

Sai: Ummmm, Brynn. 

Who’s the best last minute plus one? 

Brynn: I would say Erin, you could take her anywhere. A gala, a warehouse party. 

Sai: Ubah! She is so much fun she’s a great plus one, she’s there to have a good time. She doesn’t drink, she’s naturally.

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Steph Perlman
Steph Perlman
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