Raven's Boyfriend Claims He Has Given Her Many Orgasms

Probably the most interesting thing, aside from Corinne’s elimination, to come out of this week’s episode of The Bachelor was Raven’s claim that she’s never had an orgasm. I mean you’re like what, 25, Raven? You own a fashion boutique, so you presumably have a job that generates income, and yet you can’t buy a vibrator? Or IDK, use your hands? Those are free, ya know. But yeah anyway, we theorized that this claim was fake (unlike Raven’s orgasms) and it was just her way of getting back at her ex post-breakup. Whether our theory is correct or not, Raven’s plan worked: salty af and probably reeling from this confession, Raven’s ex-boyfriend told Us Weekly that he’s actually given her a ton of orgasms, thank you very much, and no his dick isn’t a shrimp and he doesn’t have chlamydia and everything Raven told you about him is a lie. You know, what mature people who are definitely over their exes do.

Raven’s ex and soon-to-be object of internet ridicule, Hunter Henry, said the following about Raven’s orgasm- and I-Love-You-less existence: “Definitely not true about the whole orgasm thing. And she has told me she loved me multiple times, just for the record.”

Sure Jan

That’s right, Raven’s ex-boyfriend has apparently never heard of the phenomenon called “faking an orgasm.” I think somebody needs to tell this dude that sometimes, women fake orgasms so their sexual partners will stop jackhammering against their cervixes at full force. While we’re at it, has anybody told Hunter that the Tooth Fairy isn’t real?

I don’t really give a shit whether or not Raven’s had an orgasm. That’s not the issue here. Whether she was faking it for two years (and therefore deserves an Oscar) or is just being petty on national television, the only person who knows the truth is Raven. The audacity of this man claiming he knows Raven’s body better than she does is almost impressive, tbh. Hunter has not yet announced when he’s running for Congress, but I imagine with that attitude he’ll be working for the Trump administration in no time.