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Let's Unpack These Prince William Affair Rumors, Shall We?

Each new day in 2024 brings a crucial #KateGate update. Sometimes it’s a vague comment from the palace, sometimes it’s a suspicious paparazzi pic, and sometimes it’s a bizarre Photoshop job posted on her Instagram. (The Princess of Wales can’t help it if she’s an amateur photographer!) We’ve already considered the possibilities of a BBL and/or curtain bangs, and now, we’ve moved on to affair rumors that surfaced several years ago. If you keep up with U.K. tabloid headlines or have been on social media this week, you’ve probably seen the name Rose Hanbury.

After Stephen Colbert hilariously reminded everyone of the Rose and William story on his show, he low-key made Rose a mainstream Kate scandal theory. The online detective community is now convinced that the princess is in hiding because of her marital problems caused by this alleged affair — that is, if she’s still alive and well. So, who the fuck is Rose, and is Prince William actually having an affair with her? Might this be the root of the mysterious Kate disappearance and photos? Let’s take a look at the facts.

Who Is Rose Hanbury?

Rose Hanbury
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Rose is, of course, Sarah Rose Cholmondeley, Marchioness of Cholmondeley. You don’t know your marchionesses? Okay fine, I just googled that word. It means she’s married to a marquess, which apparently refers to a British nobleman who is more important than an earl but less important than a duke. #KateGate is so educational! I love learning. Rose is also a former model, so this would be very cliché if it’s true.

She’s currently married to David, 7th Marquess of Cholmondeley (how many are there??), and they have three children together: 15-year-old twins Alexander Hugh George Cholmondeley, Earl of Rocksavage and Lord Oliver Timothy George Cholmondeley, and 8-year-old Lady Iris Marina Aline Cholmondeley. Although they all sound like fictional characters, they are indeed a real-life family.

How Is Rose Hanbury Connected To The Royal Family?

The marchioness and the royals go way back. In 1947, Rose’s grandmother, Lady Elizabeth Lambart, was actually one of Queen Elizabeth’s II’s bridesmaids when she married Phillip Mountbatten, the Duke of Edinburgh. Rose’s son, Lord Oliver, also recently served as a Page of Honour at King Charles’s coronation ceremony. Not to mention, Rose and David were the Prince and Princess of Wales’ neighbors. Interrresting.

Are Prince William And Rose Hanbury Having An Affair?

This is actually an old rumor that’s gaining traction now after Royals Gossip Specialist Stephen Colbert reignited it on his show. Basically, in April 2019, British tabloids claimed that Kate, William, and Rose had a “falling out.” Soon after that rumor spread, In Touch reported that Rose and William might’ve had an affair, and when Kate confronted her husband about it, he “laughed it off” and denied it. No one from the royal family has ever addressed the situation. Butttt… Rose was at King Charles’ May 2023 coronation and didn’t pose for any photos with Kate. Sure, there is zero evidence to suggest that this affair happened or is ongoing, but the people are desperate for answers about Kate and will believe literally anything at this point.

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