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Stop What You're Doing: Paris Hilton And Nicole Richie Are Coming Back With A New Show

Apparently, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are returning to reality TV and working on a brand new show together. Say it with me… THAT’S HOT! The girls are so back and just in time, too. It’s been a long, dark 17 years without The Simple Life, the iconic show that made them pop culture supernovas. The series ran for five seasons from 2003-2007 on both FOX and E!, and it changed a lot of our lives for good. Watching helped me realize my true destiny: I was almost definitely meant to be a wealthy socialite, just ~experimenting~ with normal life for fun.

When Paris and Nicole both posted the same collage of throwback pics on Instagram, I had my suspicions that the famous ladies were up to something. But this new show report exceeded my wildest dreams. Obviously, I needed to investigate right away. Here’s every detail I know about the new Paris and Nicole show — and no, it’s not just a continuation of The Simple Life, may she rest in peace.

What Is Paris Hilton And Nichole Richie’s New Show About?

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie
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The show won’t be a part two of The Simple Life, but the new premise hasn’t been announced yet, which is rude. However, they’ve reportedly been working on the idea for months, and it has been sold to a streamer. According to TMZ, James Corden’s production company, Fulwell 73, has the rights to shoot the series. I really don’t know what to do with myself after such vague but thrilling news. Maybe I’ll go to Walmart to shop for some walls?

Paris Hilton Teased This Project Five Months Ago

When Paris appeared on Watch What Happens Live in November 2023, a fan asked if she and Nicole would reunite on screen to honor the twentieth anniversary of The Simple Life. “Well, Nicole and I have been talking, and we have some surprises in store,” Paris replied with a smile. And that was when my mental preparation began, thank goodness.

Paris And Nicole Recently Rewatched Simple Life Episodes Together

The pals marked the 20th anniversary of the show by reminiscing on The Simple Life times together. “Nicole and I have the most amazing memories,” Paris told Kelly Clarkson on The Kelly Clarkson Show, discussing the big anniversary. “We were actually at my house last month watching some episodes together.” When Kelly asked if they cringe watching it, Paris shook her head no. “We love it,” she said. “We laugh so hard. That show is just so hilarious. Just so much fun.” Retweet. I can’t fucking wait for more reality TV sliving with Paris and Nicole.

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