If Men Took Birth Control

We would never hear the end of it. Starring Irene Fagan Merrow Danny Groh Danny Vega Mike Coscarelli Jessie Jolles Jordan Verroi Writer: Irene Fagan Merrow Director: Bryan Russell Smith Editor: Danni Juhl

Every Girl Has 2 Types of Friends

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Passive Aggressive Yoga Teacher

If you’re you’re looking for a hobby you can do after getting your nails done or before getting ready to go out, yoga’s your move. You get to give people the vibe that you’re worldy and have practiced the teachings of old, wise Hindu ugly people while being trendy and learning how to breathe when your mom is being annoying. … Continued

If Job Interviews Were Honest

My dad told me to say this. Learn how to not fuck up job interviews by preordering our new career book “When’s Happy Hour” at betches.co/whh

What’s Really Happening In Puerto Rico?

Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico on September 20th, 2017. For the one year anniversary of the storm, Team Betches Sup visited the island to check in on the recovery and talk to some of the locals who partnered with Jose Andres’ World Central Kitchen to help make that recovery happen.

Internal Thoughts During Meetings

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How It Feels To Have A Job

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A Typical Millennial

They’re just jealous that we know how to use Instagram and our skin still looks good.