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I Studied Nicholas Galitzine's Dating History To See If I Have A Chance

We all had one question after watching The Idea of You: Wherever did this gifted young man get his excellent acting training? I’m jokingggg — we don’t care about that trivial nonsense. (Sorry, Nick.) The girls are desperate to know about this stunning Brit’s dating life. Is he madly in love with Anne Hathaway? Into any of the many men who have played his love interests in the past? Single and ready to mingle with me?

In my unbiased opinion as a stan, I think Nicholas deserves A-list actor status. I’m talking about the Timmy Chalamet/Jacob Elordi league. But A-list status comes with A-list responsibility: dating other celebs, going on pap walks, and spilling drops of tea here and there. We all know Timmy’s with Kylie Jenner for some reason, and Jacob has indulged several public romances with Zendaya, Joey King, Kaia Gerber, and more. Now, it’s Nicholas’ time to shine. To get the ball rolling, I’ve conducted extensive research on the Harry Styles impersonator’s current relationship status and his past loves.

Nicholas Galitzine Opened Up About His Sexuality

Since Nicholas has played several queer characters now (Conor Masters in Handsome Devil, Prince Henry in Red, White & Royal Blue, and George Villiers in Mary & George), fans have wondered if the actor is part of the queer community himself. Nicholas set the record straight during an interview with British GQ. I identify as a straight man, but I have been a part of some incredible queer stories,” he clarified. Hearts sank around the world. Nicholas added, “I felt a sense of uncertainty sometimes about whether I’m taking up someone’s space, and perhaps guilt. At the same time, I see those characters as not solely their sexuality.”

Nicholas Galitzine’s Dating History

Nicholas Galitzine
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I need you to take a moment to prepare yourself for this information because it’s not what you want to hear. Ready? Okay. Nicholas is taken. Fuck, I just shed another tear. The Cut reported in March that he’d been dating his “current girlfriend” for six months, so… (girl math loading) that’s eight months now. They seem to still be dating because he recently soft-launched a romance on IG, sharing a hand-holding photo in a Story. Naturally, people on Reddit have had passionate debates about the identity of his lover. Cameron Valentina is one of the names that came up, but that’s purely speculation.

To make matters worse for us, the Idea of You star describes himself as a “hopeless romantic.” He told The Cut: “I thought the love affairs of my youth had quashed the hopeless romantic in me, but I think that will always remain.” That is a British as fuck sentence. Nicholas apparently thinks flowers are “fucking great” and feels inspired by photos of Jeremy Allen White walking around with a bouquet. (Don’t we all?) “I think he’s onto something,” Nicholas said. “I’m gonna start buying them.” Uhhgggg.

He’s so romantic that he accidentally fell into acting because of a crush on a girl. Please. “I had a serious crush on a girl who was attending the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and she was one of the performers,” Nicholas recalled to Wonderland Magazine in 2018. “I went through with [the event] so that I could pursue this girl. And I came back with this acting agency.” What a charmed life.

Although everyone always likes to say he’s dating his costars, Nicholas hasn’t had any public relationships, so his dating life is extremely mysterious. Mans is very private, very charismatic, and very unavailable. I’m just thrilled for her, whoever she is.

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