New Moon, Same You: Weekend Horoscopes For January 4-6

In addition to the fact that you’re still glowing on that new year energy, a new moon will help you keep those resolutions in tact for another week. Unless you’re an Aquarius. Sorry Aquarius.


Time to fire up the vision board, Aries, because you’re feeling ambitious af this weekend. If you haven’t already set out quarter-for-quarter goals for 2019, this weekend is the time to do it. Pour yourself a glass of wine, buy one of those fancy expensive planners, and get to mapping out your life. It’s like, the first step to accomplishing something.


Get ready for some Bachelor-level romance this weekend, Taurus. Set a fancy dinner date with that finance guy from the apps or gently-but-not-so-gently let your significant other know you’re in the mood for date night. Any excuse to get dressed up and eat good food while someone calls you pretty will do.


Here’s your first task for the New Year, Gemini: define the relationship. Yep. It’s time. If you’ve been lingering in dating limbo, it’s time to put it all on the line. Do you really want to be dating some f*ckboy who can’t commit in 2019? I think not.


You’re in the mood for a partner in crime this weekend, Cancer, and we don’t mean that in the annoying way people say it at weddings. This is the weekend to call up that one friend you loooove to go out with and do what you do best: get lit and take pics. Just please do not at any point say the word “twinsies.”


I have exciting news for you, Leo. This is going to be one of those weekends where you party all night and somehow wake up refreshed in the morning and ready to do it again. Use this power wisely, and try to refrain from posting Insta stories after 2AM.


This weekend is all about developing some #buzz for your 2019 #goals. Whether that be making a big social media declaration that you’re starting the Whole 30 (everyone might hate you) or posting one of those year in review things on Insta Story (everyone will absolutely hate you), it’s time to tell the universe what you want to accomplish. Just like, don’t be surprised if people mute you for it.


Don’t freak out, but keep an eye out for The One this weekend. Or like, at least The One That’s P Good For Right Now. There’s a good chance that someone with some serious relationship potential will pop into your life this weekend, so don’t be afraid to swipe right.


You’re feeling very profesh this weekend Scorpio, so why not take advantage of it? Schedule a low-key semi-professional coffee (or alcohol) date with someone you admire career-wise. This could be a coworker, or just someone whose life you want to steal. Invite them out and see if you can learn their ways.


Fire up the ‘ol Pinterest board Sag, because you’re in the mood to craft. Your creativity is literally exploding out of you, meaning now is the perfect time to paint that wall or decoupage your roommate’s desk (don’t do that — it was her grandmother’s). And even if the crafts don’t come out so well, you can always film the whole thing for your own personal version of Nailed It.


You’re un-f*cking-stoppable this weekend, Capricorn. You’re in the mood to take a spin class, go to a museum, party all night, and still somehow wake up refreshed and ready to repeat the same sh*t on Sunday. Just be sure to pace yourself, drink lots of water, and never go to a second location without dropping a pin first.


Sorry Aquarius, but the first test of your new year’s resolutions begins now. This weekend you’re going to feel suuuuper unmotivated to continue the elimination diet/daily workout routine/new wakeup time/hydration schedule that you committed to last week. Do what you can, and don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get exactly the 2.7 liters of water you need per day. There’s always tomorrow (or the next day…staying hydrated is hard.)


You’re in the mood for a big group hang this weekend, and you know what that means. It’s time to plan a brunch. Get fancy with it and send out a calendar invite to a select group of the baddest b*tches you know. Then make sure you follow it up with a reservation because nothing ruins brunch like a long wait time.

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Alise Morales
Alise Morales
Alise Morales is a comedy writer and performer. She is the writer of the Betches Sup Newsletter and co-host of the Betches Sup Podcast.