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The Best & Worst Met Gala After Party Looks

The Met Gala is my favorite holiday. I so appreciate the opportunity to honor my God, Anna Wintour, and all the other girlies I worship — Zendaya, Ariana Grande, Rihanna, etc. The theme, of course, was “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion,” and Ariana’s performance in the museum must’ve ~reawakened~ A-listers (gave them that “me espresso,” you might say), ’cause they were ready to turn up at the after parties. Sure, the posing on the Met steps is cute, but everyone knows the real fun starts later in the evening at iconic New York City venues like the Boom Boom Room. And no, randos can’t get in. (I’ve tried.) Fortunately, sitting on my couch and judging these people’s fashion choices is equally thrilling. 

The after party ensembles tend to get more playful, sparkly, and sexy than the celebs’ earlier looks. My hot take is that I honestly enjoy seeing these ones even more. Since people around the globe are anxiously awaiting my thoughts on this matter, I’ll get right into it: Here are the best and worst Met Gala 2024 after party looks

Which Celebrities Hosted 2024 Met Gala After Parties?

Celebs had a packed and exciting evening with lots of party options. Super Bowl King Usher threw a “Secret Garden”-themed party after Vogue’s “Super Bowl of fashion” at the Times Square Edition. Over in the Meatpacking District, British singer FKA Twigs hosted a party at the Top of the Standard (otherwise known as the Boom Boom Room). And that’s not all! Sabrina Carpenter’s malewife, Barry Keoghan, hosted a bash of his own at Soho House, a super exlus members-only club. Personally, this is the rave I would’ve chosen. I sincerely hope Sabrina performed, ‘cause I need that Met Gala x Barry After Party “Nonsense” outro clip.

The Best And Worst Met Gala 2024 After Party Looks

Janelle Monae – Best

Janelle Monae
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Cute, daring, and eye-catching! I gift Janelle Best No. 1.

Lil Nas X – Worst

Lil Nas X
Image Credit: Getty

I like the leather pants and belt, but can we move on from cow patterns?

Kendall Jenner – Best

Kendall Jenner
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Kendall wore something… interesting??! Alert the press! Oh wait, that’s me. I’m actually obsessed with her wings and flowy skirt.

Jessica Serfaty – Worst

Jessica Serfaty
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Oh dear. Are we at a frat party or a Met Gala-related event?

Camila Cabello – Best

Camila Cabello
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She ate in this black leather set. I adore a fitted top and a baggy pant!

Teyana Taylor – Worst

Teyana Taylor
Image Credit: Getty

Okay, this isn’t terrrible, but it’s a little too busy for me, and the colors are eh.

Doja Cat – Best

Doja Cat
Image Credit: Getty

She can do little wrong in my eyes… go nude or go home, I say.

Barry Keoghan – Worst

Barry Keoghan
Image Credit: Getty

Barrry. As the host of an after party, you couldn’t have found something a little more chic and trendy? Sigh.

Lizzo – Best

Image Credit: Getty

The monochrome dark pink fit and matching glam! She’s looking ~Good As Hell~.

Lana Del Rey – Worst

Lana Del Rey
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She really committed to the Garden of Time, but Lana… the Met Gala ended. This just isn’t exuding after party energy.

EmRata – Best

Emily Ratajkowski
Image Credit: Getty

This is a lot, I know, but EmRata somehow managed to look fab in this sheer blue dress with purple and white fringe. ‘Scuse me while I go buy those boots.

Raye – Worst

Image Credit: Getty

It’s giving funeral…

Usher – Best

Image Credit: Getty

Usher was not playing around last night. I need to hear some applause for this iconic red velvet suit with flowers!

Sydney Sweeney – Worst

Sydney Sweeney
Image Credit: Getty

What in the Billie Eilish was going on with her hair last night? This brown top and skirt might’ve worked with her blonde locks, but it’s kinda clashing with this black wig.

Ilana Frost
Ilana Frost
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