Help: I Blacked Out And Ordered This Entire Line Of Tomato Girl Products

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I’m going to come right out and say that, until recently, I have taken an aging hipster approach to the entire tomato girl summer trend. I have been dressing like the stereotypical tomato girl—breezy dresses, head scarves, espadrilles, and pin stripes—for years now. I am an Italian-American girl who has a newsletter about cooking. Tomatoes are *literally* my brand, and I know that makes me sound like kind of an asshole, but I actually don’t care! This is my truth!

So I’ve allowed most of the tomato girl-adjacent collection drops pass by me, instead choosing to dig into my archive of clothing that already matches my summer aesthetic. But then, last week, I got no less than 6 DMs from friends and followers telling me about the Lisa Says Gah x Hunt’s Tomato collaboration and I was helpless to resist.

Here’s the deal: Hunt’s is one of two canned tomato brands that I keep stocked in my pantry at all times. (Red Pack is actually my number one, but I don’t think my soul could have handled a Red Pack collaboration tbqh.) And seeing as I have allegiance to tomato brands the same way other people have allegiance to sports teams, I immediately pulled out my credit card and bought the entire collection in one fell swoop.

The collection has a baby tee with an illustrated Hunt’s Tomato can, a pair of tomato earrings (now sadly sold out), and an adorable tote. I’m actually obsessed with the entire thing, and so I had to share them with you. I may be a cynical betch, but thanks to Lisa Says Gah and Hunt’s, I’m officially a card-carrying tomato girl.

The Tee of Your Tomato Girl Dreams

Lisa Says Gah Alex Tee — Hunt's Tomato

A Tote Bag For All Your Veggies Fruit

Lisa Says Gah Hunts Tomato Tote Bag

Maria Del Russo
Maria Del Russo
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