‘Like A Boss’ Is The Must-See Comedy That’ll Make Your Group Text Blow Up

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Let’s be honest: this time of year is rough. It’s cold AF outside, you’re still broke from buying holiday gifts for everyone in your life, and your New Year’s Resolutions have probably already gone out the window. You’ve gotta get things back on track, and luckily, there’s a hilarious new movie that will make you laugh until you cry, but also give you the motivation to get back on your boss sh*t and make it through the winter in one piece. Let’s talk about why Like A Boss is the must-see comedy of the season.

As best friends-turned-business partners Mel and Mia, Rose Byrne and Tiffany Haddish are the comedy duo you never knew you needed. Obviously, you know and love them from movies like Bridesmaids and Girls Trip, and they’re at their best here—it totally feels like they’ve been best friends for 20 years, and you and your friends might even relate to their relationship a little too much. And on the other side of the story, we have Salma Hayek as Claire Luna, a beauty mogul who’s basically like Miranda Priestly, but even more… fiercst (it’ll make sense once you see the movie). Claire Luna is a bad b*tch, and I’m both scared of her and obsessed with her at the same time. As if those Tiffany, Rose, and Salma weren’t enough, Billy Porter and Jennifer Coolidge round out the Like A Boss cast as Mel and Mia’s hilarious employees.

When we first meet Mel and Mia, their startup beauty brand is struggling to turn a profit, but their prospects take a turn when they strike a major deal with Claire Luna. As you can probably guess, things don’t go super smooth after that, and our two best friends are forced to navigate some tough times in their personal and professional relationships. With Claire Luna constantly trying to come between them, Mel and Mia don’t always see eye to eye, and what ensues is a wild, R-rated comedy about what it means to be a best friend.

But along with being motivated to like, start a business or whatever, Like A Boss will also make you laugh. A lot. Like A Boss is all about dealing with your friends through the good, the bad, and the really ugly, and it’s the ultimate movie to see with a group of girlfriends. Get ready for the group text to blow up about how you guys are literally Mel and Mia. If you’re the kind of friends who would sneak upstairs during a baby shower to smoke weed (same, babies are weird), then yeah, you need to go see Like A Boss ASAP. You’ll laugh a lot, probably cover your eyes for some parts, and hey, you might even cry a little—I don’t know what place you’re in emotionally.

Instead of rolling your eyes through another boring dinner party with your married friends, go laugh at Tiffany Haddish, Rose Byrne, Salma Hayek, Billy Porter, and Jennifer Coolidge doing what they do best. You won’t regret it. If you want to start your 2020 off on a funny note, with maybe a side of business inspo, grab your friends and go see Like A Boss. You’ll like it way more than that business seminar your mom keeps texting you about, I promise.

Check out the NSFW trailer, and get your tickets to see Like A Boss in theaters now.