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An Exhaustive List Of Everything Kylie And Jordyn Def Discussed After 4 Years Apart

On Sunday night, former best friends Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods were spotted having dinner together in LA, four and a half years after their infamous breakup, signaling a reconciliation may be on the horizon. 

We all know the exhilarating feeling of finally sitting down for an uninterrupted catchup with a good friend we haven’t seen in months, but for Kylie and Jordyn, it’s been the length of an entire presidential term. Not only do they have your typical life updates to dive into, they have nearly half a decade worth of pop culture, gossip, and Netflix shows that they never got to discuss until now! 

Since we couldn’t be there in person to witness the magic, here’s an exhaustive list of everything the duo could have covered from March 2019 to present day: 

    • How Kris Jenner wouldn’t have gotten caught if she had been in charge of Operation Varsity Blues 
    • If Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga were secretly boning during A Star is Born 
    • Which sororities they would’ve rushed at Bama if they had gone to college 
    • Their favorite Animal Crossings villagers 
    • The best White Claw flavors 
    • How they secretly love DeuxMoi’s Sunday Spotted because it gives them ideas of where to “run into” their crushes 
    • If they would smash or pass on Armie Hammer 
    • How Jordyn got really into chess after watching The Queen’s Gambit
    • How Kylie plans to explain the “WAP” music video to her children one day 
    • The tea on Kourtney and Addison 
    • How the rich people were the true victims of Parasite 
    • Similarly, how AOC’s Met Gala dress was totally uncalled for 
    • Everything Will and Jada 
    • How the KarJenners secretly think 818 tastes like bleach but have to pretend to love it 
    • Who would die first on Squid Game 
    • How Kylie thought about buying a Bored Ape NFT for Travis but is glad she didn’t 
    • If it’s embarrassing or romantic that Drake has a closet full of Birkins for his future wife 
    • If either of them would ever consider being Drake’s future wife 
    • What Harry Styles texted Kendall during the Don’t Worry Darling press tour 
    • How The White Lotus hotel isn’t actually as nice as it looks on-screen 
    • Which of their friends are cheugy 
    • How Kylie felt awkward hanging out with Pete Davidson because his sense of humor isn’t her vibe 
    • How no one knows where Scott was on January 6th 
    • Eyebrow Gate 
    • Are Hailey and Justin actually happy?
    • How BeReal must have been so boring for normies 
    • If they should hit up Alix Earle the next time they’re in Miami or if that’s weird 
    • If it’s socially acceptable for Kylie to go to the Eras concert next week 
    • The Idol was actually good but they’re afraid to say it 


Emma Sharpe
Emma Sharpe
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