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Kylie And Timothée Quietly Went To The Golden Globes Together And I Won't Be Quiet About It

It finally happened. Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet quietly attended the 2024 Golden Globes together. Although I’ve seen photos of the pair quietly together for months, I just couldn’t quite believe the lip kit queen herself is dating Willy Wonka. They might as well have gone red carpet official because this is true couple behavior.

Everything about Kylie and Timmy screamed “Kris Jenner PR stunt” at the beginning, but low and behold, they actually… like each other?? Honestly, it’s cute and I’m glad 2024 can start on a nice note where we can believe in love (at least for a little while).

Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet at the Golden Globes

We literally got a shot of them kissing. KISSING, PEOPLE.

And here’s a shot of them walking into the Golden Globes together.


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And here’s another one of them just like, looking hot together.

Kylie and Timothée were first linked in April 2023 months after her split from Travis Scott, and they solidified things when they were making out in the front row at Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour in Los Angeles in September 2023 for all the world to see. They had that ~crazy in love~ feeling, no shade!

In case anyone was living under a rock, Kylie and Timothée appeared together again at the US Open the next week. While the tennis match of the year was happening (go, sports!), the two were more interested in sipping drinks and packing on the PDA. TBH, that’s probably the way sports should be watched.

They gave us the smallest glimpse of a relationship and then completely pulled back, just like almost every guy on a dating app. They resurfaced again in December when Kylie reportedly attended a Wonka premiere in Los Angeles and an after-party for Timmy’s film in London. She saw him dance (as the candyman) during the movie and didn’t get the ick — this might be true love!

Best of luck to you in 2024, Kymothée!

Laura Rizzo Chagani
Laura Rizzo Chagani
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