Kristin Cavallari's Best Moments From 'Laguna Beach' In Honor Of Her 31st Birthday

Kristin Cavallari turns 31 today, which is absolutely mind-blowing when you consider the fact that she was getting shitfaced on reality television 13 years ago. Actually, I guess I had no idea how old I thought KCav was before Googling it. Publicly documented underage drinking and access to the best beauty resources in Orange County make for confusing age calculations. Anyway, Kristin has always been the HBIC we’ve feared and admired. She’s a reality TV icon. Here are some of her best moments from Laguna Beach

When She Wore A White Dress At The Black And White Party

Kristin established her position as HBIC early on in the series. If you remember all the way back to the very first episode, everyone goes to a black and white party that was prob more lit than any party you’ve ever been to. LC thinks it’s “so ironic” that everyone is in a black dress and Kristin is in a white one, but Kristin totally doesn’t give a shit, which was actually iconic and not ironic.

When Her Car Was Dunzo

Maybe Kristin’s most famous line in Laguna Beach history was when her SUV shit the bed and she threw a total fit. She starts yelling “my car is dunzo!” Although this reaction is infamous for being ridiculous, I’m kind of surprised it wasn’t more extreme, TBH.

When She Danced On The Bar In Cabo

Another one of Kristin’s famous one-liners was “what happens in Cabo stays in Cabo.” I mean, obviously this isn’t anything Kristin invented, but that just proves how obsessed everyone is with her. Like, she can literally take a cliché and turn it into one of her own famous one-liners. Anyway, she danced on bars and fought with exes and we’re still talking about it a million years later. So obviously, nothing scripted stays in Cabo.

Her Feud With LC

If you don’t know about Kristin and LC’s eternal rivalry, why are you this far into this list? Please educate yourself. As a middle school girl agonizing between Team LC and Team Kristin graphic tees at Hollister, I’d be willing to bet that most of us made poor decisions and supported Lauren. In hindsight, LC was boring AF and Kristin was the fun one. She wins the entire feud by default, byeee.

When She Was The Most For-The-Girls Betch Ever 

This prob doesn’t count as an official “moment,” but Kristin Cavallari was for the girls before frat bros were shotgunning Bud Light for the boys. Kristin was always brutally honest, whether that meant telling someone her boyfriend was cheating on her (sorryyyyy Jessica), or that her hair looked like shit. Thanks for keeping it real since 2004.

Hannah Chambers
Hannah Chambers
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