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Everything Beyoncé Has Told Us About Jay-Z's Sex Game (Whether We Wanted To Know Or Not)

Anytime Beyoncé mentions her husband in her songs, the world collectively rolls its eyes—and I used to do the same. If you’ve heard Queen Bey’s rendition of “Jolene” off of Cowboy Carter, you probably felt an extra twinge of annoyance when she sang, “I can easily understand why you’re attracted to my man.” 

But before you go on a tangent about “Who tf wants your man, girl,” take a second. Listen, we know Beyoncé is Beyoncé, and while I will never understand how someone who looks like Jay-Z could cheat on Beyoncé, we have to remember that someone did, in fact, want her man. I mean, plenty of women do. Jay-Z is a literal billionaire and the father of Bey’s kids. And if that’s not enough for you, have you heard any of Bey’s songs about him? Not only is she head over heels (crazy in love, if you will), but it sounds like he is putting it down like we couldn’t imagine. 

Don’t believe me? Here are all the things we’ve learned about Jay-Z’s sex game just through Beyoncé’s own lyrics. Sure, being great at sex doesn’t erase the fact that he emotionally tortured this woman for the majority of their relationship. But, if Beyoncé clearly decided she would stand by her man, hey, at least he’s doing what he needs to do in the bedroom. 

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Jay-Z puts in the work. 

In “Cuff It,” Beyoncé says he “hit them ‘draulics, while I ride it,” alluding to the fact that even when Queen Bey is on top, Jay-Z is doing his part. Okay, supportive. 

Jay-Z makes her scream. 

The few times I’ve actually screamed during sex, it’s been euphoric. So when Beyoncé says, “Got me screaming to the Lord, boy,” on “Rocket,” I squinted my eyes a little. Honestly, the entirety of “Rocket” has made me look at Jay-Z differently.

Jay-Z is eager. 

Okay, she’s Beyoncé — who wouldn’t be eager? But in “Partition,” we find out just how eager Jay-Z is: “Oh he so horny, yeah he want to fuck/ He bucked all my buttons, he ripped my blouse.” Just think about how expensive that blouse and those buttons probably are. 

Jay-Z is… big. 

Ever heard of Beyoncé’s “Ego”? The whole thing is a double entendre talking about how big his “ego” is. But with lyrics like “It’s too big (big)/ It’s too wide (wide/ It’s too strong (strong)/ It won’t fit (fit)/ It’s too much (much)/ It’s too tough (tough)/ He talk like this ’cause he can back it up,” I think you get the idea. 

Jay-Z keeps her cumming. 

I’m sorry to ruin one of Bey’s most iconic songs, “Blow,” but when she says, “Keep me coming, keep me going/ keep me coming, keep me going/Keep me humming, keep me moaning,” we can assume that Jay-Z is doing what he needs to do.

Jay-Z is into a little BDSM. 

Hey, there’s no shame in his game. On “Haunted,” Bey sings, “The bedroom’s my runway/ Slap me/ I’m pinned to the doorway/ Kiss, bite, foreplay.” I don’t know how thinking about Jay-Z biting Beyoncé makes me feel, but hey, good for her. 

Syeda Khaula Saad
Syeda Khaula Saad
Syeda Khaula Saad is a sex & dating writer at Betches despite not remembering the last time she was in a relationship. Just take her word for it.