Jax Taylor Went On A Twitter Rampage Against FedEx Workers

If you’ve watched more than ten minutes of any episode of Vanderpump Rulesyou probably know that Jax Taylor can be kind of an asshole. Well, more than kind of. Over the years, we’ve seen him lie, cheat, and steal (tbt to the Gucci sunglasses!), but somehow he’s still more or less the protagonist of this mess of a show. But even if the editors seem determined to convince us that Jax Taylor has changed, they can’t do anything about his messy AF tweets. This week, he ripped into some FedEx workers on Twitter, and it’s not a great look for him.

In general, Jax Taylor’s tweets have big 80-year-old man energy, complete with Christian undertones, homophobia, and general tone-deafness about everything that’s going on in our society. That’s during a normal time, so it’s no shock that Jax’s Twitter isn’t a great place to be during a global pandemic. On Monday, Jax apparently missed an attempted FedEx delivery, and he was NOT having it.

I feel like no good can come of a celeb starting a tweet with “Are you kidding [insert brand name].” Like, you are clearly too heated right now, so go walk around for an hour, and then reach out to customer service like a normal person. Jax’s second tweet came 15 minutes later, where he pointed out to FedEx that “most people have cameras on their homes,” so “the days of you saying ‘we tried’ are over”.

First—and let me know if I’m wrong here—I don’t think most people have cameras on their homes. Maybe in certain neighborhoods, or if you’re rich, but I feel like this isn’t the strongest argument on Jax’s part. Of course, if FedEx actually left a missed delivery notice without even knocking, that’s annoying, but Jax seems a little too angry about a minor inconvenience.

Okay, so I know I said that Jax should’ve taken an hour to cool off before tweeting, but I clearly forgot who we’re dealing with. Five hours later, he hopped back on Twitter to answer some replies, and he was still way too mad.

It’s called gloves sweetie, look it up. This person was being totally reasonable and just pointing out that things might not be totally normal right now, because duh, it’s a pandemic. But obviously a little coronavirus is no excuse for messing up Jax Taylor’s delivery. He mentions the cameras again, and then says “do your job right or don’t do it at all.” The entitlement is real. We’ll see how happy Jax is when FedEx just shuts down and he can’t get any packages at all. Or maybe he could start making deliveries?

Finally, FedEx Help responded to him, but he just took that as another opportunity to complain. This time, he said that his neighbors told him their packages “were delivered broken,” and that there’s footage of “them just throwing it in our yards.” Again, not great if true, but I still don’t want to read a rage-fueled Jax Taylor tweet about it. He also reminded them that “everyone has cameras nowadays,” and I ask, WHERE ARE THE RECEIPTS!!!

I’m sure most of you already know this, but this is a tough time for everyone. Changes have to be made, and certain things might not go according to plan. Even if you’re frustrated, this is the time to applaud the essential workers that are keeping our lives going. Or, if you’re Jax Taylor, ream them out to thousands of followers for something that might have been an honest mistake. Your choice!

Images: Bravo / Contributor / Getty Images; mrjaxtaylor / Twitter

Dylan Hafer
Dylan Hafer
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