It's Almost A Holiday Weekend: Weekend Horoscopes June 28-30

We’re one week away from a long weekend, so we just need to get through the next few days without stabbing anyone or having workplace rage blackouts so we can all celebrate America’s birthday with explosions in peace.

This week, most of us are faced with some communication troubles and the choice between comfort zone and social gatherings. A little from column A and a little from column B never hurt anyone, so use the stars as guidance then make your moves.


Your inner charm has been awakened, Gemini, so put it to good use and pick yourself up in the romance department this weekend. Mercury traveling through Leo until July 18 will have you at your best and most attractive.

Speaking of hot, you’re pretty good at getting people to bend to your will this weekend, so don’t be afraid to use that to your advantage to get, like, free drinks or mozzarella sticks. You’ll feel hella empowered when you grab hold of your own resourcefulness and put yourself first.


Kick back in the comfort zone, Cancer. Whether you’re alone, with an S.O., or even hanging with a roommate you don’t hate (yet), you’ll be at your best Saturday and Sunday if you’re relaxing with people you like. And speaking of relaxing, try not to give any thought to any exes that cross your mind. Venus colliding with Neptune causes the feels to come out, but don’t let the planets f*ck with relaxation station.


Try something new this weekend, Leo. Whether it’s a weird sex position (weird flex, but okay), a new recipe, or a spontaneous road trip, you need to try something that you aren’t super familiar with. You’ll figure things out, or you won’t, and it’ll be fine either way.

In the romance department, Venus in your social sector is f*cking with Neptune, making tensions rise in your friend group, so just be super transparent about your feelings and try not to talk behind anyone’s back. You could also attract a potential date who actually knows how to form sentences thanks to a friend setting you up.


Leave your homebody-ness at home this weekend, Virgo, and reach out to friends you’ve been ignoring. No one cares if you haven’t gotten your brows waxed or have a giant zit. Just eat pizza and drink with those folks you haven’t seen in a while. Speaking of social, you may connect with a coworker over the weekend while you’re both out and about. Just remember to be wary of the whole office romance thing. We can’t all end up like Jim and Pam.


Go outside, Libra. We know the world is a scary place and that sitting at home in your bathrobe with your S.O. is a super safe space, but if you don’t explore, you’ll never be able to take advantage of new restaurants, new scenery, new people, and new tacos. Plus, Mercury in Leo ups your ability to get chatty with friends and potential mates, so get out there (especially Saturday) and meet people!


Speak your truth, Scorpio. Stop editing yourself (especially around close friends, family, and your S.O.) and have the harder convos this weekend. What’s the worst that could happen? Having a challenging conversation can be a great relationship building block and may launch you off that plateau you’ve felt a bit stuck on.

Additionally, now that work is out for the week, set your sights on a date for Friday or Saturday, either with your S.O. or a new potential mate. Remember: Open communication is key, so be clear about your lack of bra around the house or love for greasy Chinese food whilst hungover.


Come back to earth, Sagittarius. You’ve got some unrealistic expectations, and they could run people off or start issues between you and close friends. Listen to your gut and chill tf out. And speaking of gut, you’re usually pretty good with money, but it’s okay to ask for help. Like, no, you don’t have a solid understanding of gold and the stock market, so go ahead and talk to someone before investing your life savings this weekend.


Take other peoples’ wants and needs into account this weekend, Capricorn. Yes, you’re a great entertainment director, but your S.O. may not want to wander through the antique mall with you again this weekend. Trust other people to be in charge once in a while—especially this weekend. It can’t end up that badly. The best days for romantic outings are Friday and Saturday, so ask your partner what they’d like to do for a change.


Develop your abilities, Aquarius. This weekend is a great time to push yourself into trying something new or something you aren’t 100% confident with. Plus, with Mercury in Leo, you’ll be an expert communicator Friday through Sunday, so use it to your advantage and head out with friends and convince them to try weird new sh*t, too.


Make your own choices, Pisces. Sure, your friends want what’s best for you, but trust your own instincts this weekend. Assert yourself and make some decisions, like where you’re going for brunch, or yes, you’re going for happy hour at 4pm and going to be in bed before 10pm. Plus, making your own choices when it comes to friends may give you some direction in other departments, too, like knowing which creative parts of you to share (watercolors, interpretive dance) with a potential date on Saturday, the best day for romance.


Watch your mouth, Aries, especially this weekend. Venus and Neptune are clashing, and something innocent can easily be misconstrued as nasty and sh*tty even if you didn’t mean it that way. Perhaps it’s best to stick close to home this weekend, since that’s going to be your most stable environment. Search for peace on the couch, nestled between a good book and a box of Cheez-Its, since a big move or change could be coming up.


Bookmark Friday as party time, Taurus. Mercury in Leo makes it a great time to host a dinner party, Big Little Lies watch party, or pizza extravaganza at your place this weekend. Since your planning skills are on point this weekend, you can feel super good about the steps you take to figure out a get together.

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Sarah Nowicki
Sarah Nowicki
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