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Is Something Going On With Katie And Stassi's Friendship...?

Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules has seen a great unexpected divide between the almost “Spice Girls,” with Lala and Scheana on team second chances while Katie and Ariana remain on team anyone but Sandoval. But a little birdie told a gossip account that VPR GOAT Stassi Schroeder may have taken a side in all the post-Scandoval drama despite her departure from the series. Even more surprisingly, sources have said the side Stassi has privately taken may not be that of her long-time bestie Katie Maloney because the two are no longer friends. The Witches of Weho broke up?! Say it ain’t so. Lucky for nosey nancies everywhere, Stassi has chimed in to set the record straight. She may not be coming back to Bravo anytime soon, but it looks like the queen of Basic has found herself back in the mix anyway. Here’s everything we know about Katie and Stassi’s alleged feud.

Are Katie And Stassi Friends RN??!!!

Rumors And Nastiness

Katie Maloney and Stassi Schroeder at the 'VPR' reunion
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The kerfuffle started as many feeble rumors do: with a submission to Instagram gossip headquarters, Deux Moi. The blind item titled “VPR friends to foes” warned that while a lot of tea would be spilling over at the reunion, one thing everyone is still keeping a secret is that “Katie and Stassi are no longer friends. The former VPR star is #teamlala.” This of course sparked a lot of interest since, though Stassi has been booked and busy with her own projects, she has been seen hanging out with her fellow SURver turned mommy Lala Kent, quite a bit lately. Fans openly questioned on the internet if this rumor could possibly be true, which led to a viral TikTok that was Stassi’s final straw.

So…are Stassi and Katie friends?

@stephwithdadeets IF this is true that is so sad, unexpected & really disappointing…hopefully this blind is false. 😔 #vanderpumprules #vpr #stassischroeder #lalakent #katiemaloney #deuxmoi #blinditem #greenscreenvideo #greenscreen #bravotv #realitytv #drama ♬ original sound – Stephanie Tleiji

In a comment under said viral TikTok, where @stephwithdadeets waxes poetic on the “unexpected” and “disappointing” blind item, Stassi chimed in to put an end to the speculation. Stassi wrote that because she’s “not on Vanderpump Rules” she’s also “not on any team” because “that’s not [her] life anymore.” She goes on to clarify that while she may have friendships with certain people on the show, “friendships ebb & flow without it being nefarious.” Soooo… translation. She’s cool with both Lala and Katie and even if she and Katie aren’t braiding each other’s hair every night as of late, it doesn’t mean they’re not still lifelong friends. I mean, Katie is literally Stassi’s first child’s godmother, so duh, that adds up.


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