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Wait, Is "loml" About Matty Healy?

You know when people say, “it’s not rocket science”? They’re not talking about trying to decipher who a Taylor Swift song is about because I’ll tell you, I’m pretty sure the difficulty is on par with building a rocket. And with The Tortured Poets Department featuring 16 new songs — it’s a lot more complicated than you think. One of these songs, “loml” is sending the Swifties into orbit.

First of all, you’d think that “loml” stands for love of my life — but that’s not necessarily the case. Swifties are realizing that the acronym can in fact have multiple meanings, not just “love of my life,” but also… “loss of my life.” Yes, I’m crying.

Now when you look at Taylor’s famous dating history, I’m sure a few names come to mind when you think about who she may consider a big loss in her life. Obviously, Swifties guessed that the majority of TTPD would be about her split with her ~lover~ of six years, Joe Alwyn. However, there’s another theory floating around about the subject of “loml.” And you might not be too happy about who the rumors are pointing to. 

Here’s why we think “loml” might actually be about the 1975 villain, Matty Healy

Is “loml” About Matty Healy?

Matty Healy
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While Taylor and Matty only dated for a month and some change in 2023, it seems like the relationship meant a lot to her and the breakup really hurt her. Unfortunately, signs are indeed pointing to “loml” being an homage to everyone’s least favorite Taylor ex (well, one of them. Don’t get too excited over there, Gyllenhaal). In the song, she talks about “waltzing back into rekindled flames.” (You may recall there were Taylor and Matty dating rumors back in 2014.) She also says she “reformed” this person definitely Matty, not Joe vibes.  

I think this line pretty much says it all: “It was legendary / It was momentary / It was unnecessary /Should have let it stay buried.” A whirlwind, evidently intense romance that none of us will ever understand!

Why Did Taylor Swift And Matty Healy Break Up?

At the time, a source told People that things were always just “casual” between them. I cannot emphasize how much I’m doubting that claim after listening to this album. “But Daddy I Love Him” makes it sound like Taylor and Matty ended their relationship because of the brutal public opinion. But she also calls him a “conman” selling a “get-love-quick scheme” in “loml,” so maybe he did something to cause the split? Hard to say. I just never saw the loss of Taylor’s life going to Matty and not William Bowery… truly wild.

Syeda Khaula Saad
Syeda Khaula Saad
Syeda Khaula Saad is a sex & dating writer at Betches despite not remembering the last time she was in a relationship. Just take her word for it.