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So, Uh, Is Lala Joining 'The Valley' Now?

How does the old saying go? When one toxic friend circle closes, another one opens? There’s a strong feeling season 11 of Vanderpump Rules may be its last (I mean, the producers basically played “The Graduation Song” over the closing credits) which has everyone wondering where its stars will land in the reality TV universe. Some of the current cast, like James and Ariana, seem like their real life careers are going so well that they might not need to be filmed fighting with their friends for sport anymore. Others, not so much. I’m not sure what sad souls would be tuning into a TomTom spinoff at this point, but the suggestion has been floating around in the ether for years now.

More tangibly, the first wave of Lisa Vanderpump’s rejects (Jax, Brittany, and Kristen) have already created a Lisa free landing pad in The Valley. We’ve been watching and… it kinda doesn’t suck? The Valley is basically Desperate Housewives except more binge drinking and babies (and fewer sexy gardeners). Enter, Lala Kent. It already seemed like a logical conclusion that if VPR was dead, Lala would pivot to the parent friendly spinoff. Now “sources” are chiming to answer the rumored question: Is Lala joining The Valley?

Will Lala join The Valley next season?


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Yes, according to insiders, Lala is having early conversations about joining the spinoff. Not say I told you so, but we totally saw this coming. It would be easy for Lala to rise from her bitter ashes and give the elder end of the Vanderpump friend group a run for their money since she’s already friends with the mom crew on the show. Jesse even openly hit on her in the series premiere, so who knows, we could have our next Scandoval in the works (if Michelle even cared, which she probably wouldn’t considering she’s got her own side hustles going on). But don’t get too excited, since The Valley hasn’t officially gotten its season 2 green light yet.

Will Lala return to Vanderpump Rules?

Lala being Lala on 'VPR'
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Apparently… also yes?? The same sources say even if Lala joins The Valley, she could still double dip with her OG cast, if there is a VPR to come back to. That means we could potentially see Lala flop on two platforms next year. Lucky us.

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