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Hold Your Cucumbers: Hilaria Baldwin May Be Joining 'RHOBH'?!

Across 13 seasons of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we’ve seen actresses, supermodels, and filthy rich wives of plastic surgeons break bread (topped with caviar and washed down with rosé) all for our entertainment. But the mean streets of Benedict Canyon are saying one especially cultured mama bear of Hollywood spawn is considering joining their ranks. Hilaria Baldwin was seen in Los Angeles with her small village of children shared with Alec Baldwin and reportedly met with the show’s producers to discuss taking up residence in the house LVP built. Hilaria is most famous for her deliciously ridiculous scam of pretending to be an international Spanish socialite instead of a rich girl from Connecticut named Hillary. With moves like that she’d probably fit right in with the back-stabbers of elite tax brackets we’ve come to know and love. So how real are the rumors that Hilaria is joining RHOBH? Let’s investigate, shall we?

Hilaria reportedly met with producers in LA

Hiliaria and Alec Baldwin walking around NYC

Earlier this week Hilaria was spotted in Los Angeles, a long way from her home in New York. Since it takes me (a childless 30-something traveling alone) a week to recover from coast-to-coast travel, I’d imagine she’d have to have a pretty good reason to make the six-hour journey with seven little angels barking in her ear. A reason like a v important job interview with local Bravo bigwigs, perhaps?

Hilaria is friendly with Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards interview
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Kyle Richards recently told Kelly Rippa on SiriusXM that Hilaria Baldwin would be her dream addition for season 14. An endorsement from the last remaining OG obviously bears weight (though not enough to guarantee a second season — just ask Annemarie, Kathryn Edwards, or fellow Brandi Glanville survivor Joycie). In fact, Doogie has been floating the idea for years now, and Alec has previously expressed interest in his family doing reality, but a smooth transition onto Beverly Hills didn’t seem feasible with the Baldwino’s home base being in New York City. However, with Alec’s future uncertain due to the latest Rust case developments, it could be the perfect storm to get Hilaria on board.

Reactions To The Speculation


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When news hit the Bravoverse, current Housewife Crystal was one of the first to chime in, commenting on a string of cucumber emojis (a word Hilaria whose first language is English pretended to forget on camera) under a fan post. I can already picture those two sparring during a ~spiritual~ yoga session and I’m not not entertained. Some fans are totally turned off by the idea of giving the Mrs. Ripley of ethnicities a bigger platform but I’m low-key not opposed to the idea of her and Dorit duking it out over who’s the number one child of the world. The truth is Alec may not be able to work sooner rather than later and nothing is better motivation for juicy Housewives drama than rent being due.

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