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Pat McGrath's Glass Makeup Look Could've Saved My Ass In Middle School

Even if you’ve never paid attention to fashion or beauty trends, there is no way you can ignore Pat McGrath’s porcelain-doll glass skin technique that is driving the internet wild. Last week at Maison Margiela’s Paris fashion show the trailblazing makeup artist debuted a complete new look that has gotten even more attention than the couture looks celebs were there to see (because what are fashion shows if not just a space to gather attractive people in one place?). It has left us with many questions like, how is their skin so glossy? Where did their pores go?! If I had access to this makeup trick in middle school, I would’ve been set!

A few things that’s clear based on videos shared post-show: Whatever the product is, it was literally airbrushed on and required peeling to get it off. McGrath has promised to reveal the product that gave the models porcelain complexions but I’ve never been a patient person so I turned to Reddit forums and TikTok to discover what the amateur experts have discovered.

How To Recreate Pat McGrath’s Glass Makeup Look

Gwendoline Christie walks the runway during the Maison Margiela Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2024 show.
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While Pat McGrath hasn’t confirmed the details yet, there are several theories floating around the internet that do a damn good job at recreating the iconic look. Here are the top four we’re sticking with.

The Krylon Liquid Glass Theory 

The professional stage and film makeup Krylon Liquid Glass was the go-to theory when the show initially went viral. Hence why the $5 product is completely out of stock. (Don’t worry, their website claims it will be back on the shelves in three weeks!) But before getting too excited, McGrath herself commented on a video putting this theory to rest: “Amazing !! But we will show the real product soon ! Stay tuned.”

The Natura Bissē Diamond Luminous Glowing Mask Theory

If you are really desperate to recreate this look without further questions asked, celebrity makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes attempted this look with Natura Bissē Diamond Luminous Glowing Mask. The only problem? It’s $105. While that’s literally 100 bucks more than the other dupes, it does create a glass-like finish. However, even Hughes admitted it’s most likely not the exact product used because when applied it gives off a pinkish hue. To be fair, she also applied the peel-off cryo mask by smearing it on rather than spraying it, which seems to be the key. Nice try, Katie! Next.

The Freeman Peel-Off Gel Facial Mask Theory

Makeup artist Erin Parsons went on a deep dive investigation on TikTok and learned from someone who worked the show that it was a custom mix made from a water-based product that was bluish in color like “listerine mouthwash.” Based on these clues she came to the conclusion that the secret behind the couture fashion look was a $4 peel-off gel mask — specifically, Freeman Renewing Cucumber Peel-Off Gel Facial Mask. After substantially thinning down the mask with water, she applied the result with her biggest airbrush machine and dried it with her hair dryer. While annoying simple, it created the desired effect.

The “Is Pat McGrath About To Announce A New Product?” Theory 

Other theories assume that Pat used this opportunity to garner excitement for a new product that has yet gone to market, like a makeup setting spray. Some have guessed that the main ingredient might be polyvinyl alcohol, a water-soluble thickening agent that is often used in in skincare to form a barrier on the skin and in cosmetic products like eyeliner to prevent smudging. If this is true, it may be worth battling Sephora teens for a chance to try it.


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