But Actually WTF Are We Wearing To The Holiday Party?!

I don’t think I’m shocking anyone over the age of 23 when I say that adult life is actually pretty boring. I go to work, I come home, I go to the same bar every weekend — and honestly, that is just fine with me, despite my younger self’s Carrie Bradshaw-fueled expectations. 

BUT as soon as the first leaf falls to the ground, I’m suddenly *inundated* with invites and seasonal plans. Apple picking trips, Friendsgiving get-togethers, and holiday parties… it never ends. And all of these invitations lead to one major question: WTF should I wear to all of these holiday parties?? But this year I’ve planned ahead (with the help of Dolce Vita) to craft the perfect look for every occasion your hostess with the mostest friend throws your way. 

The Invite: Pumpkin Patch and PSLs With Your Friend Who Wants to Be an Influencer

A collage of an outfit to wear to a pumpkin patch that includes a button-down sweater, flared blue jeans, lug sole boots, a black ribbon, gold earrings and a black shoulder bag.

In Girl World, fall means an obligatory trip to a pumpkin patch so that your most Instagram-active friend can stock up on enough content to last her the whole season. You complain about the photos, but that doesn’t mean you won’t show up camera-ready. A sweater, jeans, and boots is a classic combo for this occasion, but I’m suggesting a modern update. A cropped cardigan, straight leg jeans, and lug sole boots will help you avoid the “Christian Girl Autumn” look. Dolce Vita’s Hoven H20 boots are perfect for this vibe AND they’re waterproof, so they’ll be fine if your romp through the pumpkin patch isn’t so picture-perfect. 

The Invite: A Night Out In Your Hometown With Your High School BFF

Let me set this oh-so familiar scene: It’s the night before Thanksgiving, you’re in your hometown bar mingling with people you haven’t seen since high school, and the one and only goal is to show the girls who were bitchy to you back in the day that you’re doing *really* well. Pairing an effortlessly sexy dress with Dolce Vita’s western-inspired Bounty Boots and a fab faux fur jacket strikes the perfect balance of extremely hot and completely unbothered.

The Invite: Black Friday Shopping With Your Mom (And Her Credit Card)

Since Black Friday is our Super Bowl, athleisure is the natural answer here. Pair some comfy activewear with a classic trench coat and the chic Adella Sneakers to fight for the last Dyson Air Wrap in style. Pro tip: You can try pretty much anything on over this unitard to skip the dressing room lines. (And avoid the inevitable fight with your mom about buying something without trying it on first.)

The Invite: The Delicate Dance Of Not Getting Too Drunk At Your Office Holiday Party

The office holiday party is maybe the trickiest occasion of all because even if your job isn’t really on the line, it kind of feels like it. When in doubt, take a page out of our lord and savior Jenna Lyons’ playbook, and pair a sequin skirt with an ultra casual sweater. It strikes the perfect balance of festive and chill and is basically guaranteed to fit with whatever your coworkers are wearing. Elevate the look by mixing metals with the Janey Heels from Dolce Vita (TFG for the block heel to keep you from tripping in front of your boss) and adding an unexpected turquoise earring. 

The Invite: Your Boyfriend’s Parents’ Holiday Party Where You’ll Meet His Entire Family For The First Time

Let’s be real… your boyfriend *cannot* be trusted to accurately relay the dress code of his parents party. Enter: the sweater dress. It’s elegant enough for a more formal gathering, but the Kamryn Boots cover your bases in case everyone else goes the more casual route. Plus, the subtle red and green combo here feels a little festive if they’re more of an ugly Christmas sweater family. (I shudder).

The Invite: A NYE Dinner Party At Your Friend’s Apartment Followed By Drinks At Your Usual Bar

New Year’s Eve gets a lot of hate (I blame romcoms for setting our expectations wayyy too high), but it is the most fun holiday to get dressed up for IMO. The reason? No one can call you extra for piling on the sequins — even if you’re just hanging out in your friend’s living room. Stand out in the sea of sparkly mini dresses by pairing yours with textural tights, a trendy rosette choker, and the platform Laisha Heels. They’re comfy enough to forget you waited 30 mins at the bar for a drink. (Almost.)

Maddy Paul
Maddy Paul
Maddy Paul is a Senior Content Manager at Betches, a self-proclaimed professional shopper, certified yapper, and 2x marathoner (brag).