Here Are The Full Details Of Cassie's Allegations Against Colton

Last week, Bachelor Nation was shocked to learn that Cassie Randolph filed for a restraining order against Colton Underwood, and since then, things have taken a dark turn. On Monday, September 14, a judge signed off on Cassie’s request for a temporary order which requires Colton to stay at least 100 yards away from Cassie, her home, and her workplace. It also prohibits him from contacting, harassing, threatening, or attacking her.

When Cassie first filed the restraining order, it was reported that she made several allegations against Colton, including that he harassed her over text message, took “obsessive walks” to her apartment complex, and placed a tracker on her car. Now, E! News has obtained the full legal filing, and there are a lot more details about what allegedly went down and the timeline of this whole f*cked up situation.

In her official restraining order filing, Cassie lists the “dates of abuse” as starting in June, and continuing through late August—all after they announced their breakup in May of this year.

One of the first alleged incidents included in the complaint took place on June 27th, when Cassie was staying with her parents in Orange County. According to the filing, Cassie’s brother “saw Mr. Underwood in the alley outside Ms. Randolph’s bedroom window at two in the morning.” The filing states that after being confronted, Colton sent “threatening texts” to Cassie, as well as her best friend Linda and her brother. Since then, the filing states that Colton has again been seen “hanging around Ms. Randolph’s family home in Huntington Beach.”

In the texts from that night, Colton called Cassie “a selfish person who isn’t ready to be loved,” and accused her of disrespecting him after he “spent two years loving you the best I could.” He also called her “so shady” and said “you hid things from me”. A few hours later, he sent another message apologizing.

The filing also alleges that Colton has been hanging around Cassie’s home and on the street near her home, and that Cassie’s neighbors, family, and friends of the family have all seen him. On July 27th, Cassie’s friend Caelan came over to her apartment, and almost immediately, Colton “obsessively called and sent text messages to Ms. Randolph about the visit.” A few days later, Colton “showed up again at Ms. Randolph’s apartment, still upset again about Caelan’s visit”, and told Cassie, “I’m going to keep you accountable.”

Things between Cassie and Colton escalated once again in mid-August, when Cassie and her friends allegedly began receiving harassing text messages from anonymous phone numbers. Colton received similar text messages, but he later admitted to sending the texts, and texting himself so he would also look like a victim of the texting attack. 

That same week, Cassie alleges she discovered a tracking device taped to her car, and that’s when she contacted the police and hired a private investigator to look into the situation. Two days later, after being approached about the numerous incidents, Colton “admitted that he was the one who put the tracker on her car and had been the one sending text messages to her, her friends and himself, under the alias phone numbers.” Colton himself has not publicly commented on the allegations and when reached by E!, a rep for Colton declined to comment on the situation based on the fact that this is an ongoing legal matter.

While things have obviously turned toxic between Cassie and Colton at this point, for a while, it seemed like their breakup was going okay. According to an E! News source, Cassie and Colton began filming a new reality show together in June, though it’s reported that Colton pulled out of the show when “things got really tough.” The first alleged incident Cassie reported took place in late June, so it didn’t take long for things to go bad once they were working together.

Then, in July, things between the pair soured publicly for the first time, after an appearance on a Bachelor GOAT episode in which Cassie was asked about her and Colton’s situation. While she didn’t reveal any major information, Colton clearly felt that she breached some agreement they’d had not to talk about the breakup, and he shaded her in an Instagram caption, saying that “obviously a lot changed this week.” In response, Cassie addressed Colton in Instagram story posts, calling Colton out for “trying to make me look like the bad one.” At the time, the root of this tension wasn’t known, but Cassie’s legal filing gives a lot more context to what was happening between them over the summer. The order will last until October 6th, at which point, there will be a hearing to determine the future of the case.

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