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Hate To Say It, But Looks Like Greg And Victoria Broke Up

I’m thinking Victoria Fuller may have to start expanding her dating pool beyond the Bachelor world at this point. (Happens to the best of us.) The Bachelor and Bachelor In Paradise star began her love and fame journey on Pilot Pete’s 2020 season — and that relationship obviously didn’t work out. Later that year, she briefly dated season 19 bachelor Chris Soules. Even after those two, she wasn’t ready to give up on this group of men. Sparks reportedly started flying between her and Greg Grippo in spring 2022 before she went on BIP... maybe a wee bit shady. Victoria of course fell for Johnny DePhillipo on BIP, and they got engaged but broke up after the show.

That’s basically when her and Greg started seriously dating. I was rooting for them ’cause they’re a hot couple, and they fed us some really cute Instagram posts. But alas, Bachelor love often doesn’t last. Just ask Gerry and Theresa, RIP. For a while now, fans have been wondering about the current status of Victoria and Greg’s relationship. Is there trouble in paradise? Did they break up? Fortunately, I have answers. Let’s dive into Gritoria.

Greg And Victoria Had Kind Of A Messy Start To Their Relationship


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Yeah, I mean, it’s not a great sign that they definitely seemed to like each other before she went on BIP. However, Victoria still seemed to give the show her all and left engaged to Johnny. But that ~fairytale~ was pretty short-lived — she claims they called off the engagement a couple weeks after filming the season. Then, at the reunion, Johnny accused her of cheating with Greg, and she denied it. I honestly don’t know what to believe in this situation, but I’m just gonna choose her side ’cause feminism. I think Johnny should probably also start dating outside of this toxic little universe.

Did Greg And Victoria Break Up?


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I fear the answer is yes. TikToker Zachary Reality did some investigating (thank you for your service, king) and discovered that although Greg and Victoria left up photos with each other on their Instagram grids, they have unfollowed each other. So yeah, love does not exist, and we should all give up. It looks like Greg last posted with Victoria in October 2023, and she last posted with him the following December. No signs of romantic life in 2024 was not a good omen. Sigh.

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