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Why The Hell Does TikTok Want Me To Ask My BF To Peel An Orange?

If you haven’t been harassed lately by your significant other to peel an orange, be on high alert. Depending on how chronically online your partner is (and how deficient they are in vitamin C), it can happen at any moment. The orange peel theory is the latest TikTok relationship challenge that comes down to this: Are you willing to perform this small act of service for the love of your life even if it’s really annoying and might get you sticky? If so, you pass the test.

Isn’t it so fun to play mind games with the ones we love? It certainly beats couples therapy. Other inconvenient tasks to prove their worth as a partner include but are not limited to: asking for a glass of water when you’re already in bed, requesting a little treat from the grocery store, and, of course the tried and true, “Babe, can you squish this bug.”

For the offline BFs who need some help, I vetted some quality examples of how you are supposed to respond to this request. Sure, you might get some pulp under your nails, but what you gain in internet validation from your “Would you still love me if I was a worm?” girlfriends is sorta worth it.

Correct Answers To The Orange Peel Theory

Melanie Whyte
Melanie Whyte
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