Do You Really Need To Use Protein Powder, Or Is It Just A Scam?

Over the last few years, women have become significant consumers of protein supplements. We used to think this stuff was just for dumb jocks and meathead bodybuilders that have huge pecs and little dicks, but then IG models started promoting Protein World and Women’s Best on their feed, and the whole game changed. It’s important to know the facts before putting something into your body, but it’s easy to get tricked by social media. It is a fact that adequate protein is ESSENTIAL to maintaining and building muscle mass (aka: that *ss), and these days, every girl is on the quest to get a Kar-Jenner body (sans surgery). But… do you REALLY need protein powder?

Honestly… probably not. So remove that protein powder from your Amazon cart, and buy that hot pink vibrator instead. You’ve earned it.

The USDA states that healthy protein requirements are 0.8g of protein for every two lbs, or one kilogram, of body weight. This is also the amount of protein you need to sustain or increase muscle mass. Unless you are a strict vegetarian or vegan, the typical American diet will probably put you at or above daily protein requirements. Let’s say a woman weighs 150lbs. That’s roughly 75kgs, so she needs like 75g protein a day (I’m rounding up 0.8g to 1g, like Mrs. Gardner in fifth grade used to teach me to do). For reference, an 8 oz filet of chicken breast is 70g of protein. According to The New York Times, the average American consumes roughly 100g of protein a day. If you add protein powder, you’re consuming around 30g in addition to that.

And get this…because nothing in life is fair, the body doesn’t store additional protein like it does fat. Our bodies actually get rid of excess protein through urination. So all that protein powder is going to do is increase the amount of valuable sh*t that you’re peeing out. You’re literally pissing money. Also, if you’re consuming more calories than you need, even in the form of protein, it’s just gonna get converted to fat. So that’s that on that.

With modern food technology, we literally get protein in everything. They add that it to so many foods now, you would think it’s f*cking hot sauce. Bread and noodles will have protein in them. There’s peanut butter with extra protein. It’s easy to believe we need to chug a shake after every workout just because your fave influencer is getting paid to pose with it, but unless you spend all day eating fruits and vegetables or not eating at all (in that case, please seek help!), you’re probably already getting enough protein for those booty gains.

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Nicole Nam
Nicole Nam
Nicole Nam is a health and fitness aficionado, with a Bachelor's of Science in Nutrition and a Master's of Science in Kinesiology (Exercise Science). She loves to package information into a format that people can understand, and aims to write in a very entertaining yet informative format. Nicole is also a certified personal trainer living in LA, with her dog-son Yakuza.