Am I Using Too Many Face Products? Dear Betch

Hi Betches!

I know you answer questions about skin care all the time, but I recently have began making skin care more of a priority. I’m taking my makeup off every night and using both an eye cream and night time moisturizer daily. My question is about different skin masks… I’ve used charcoal/peel off masks, pore strips, sheet masks, and eye patches. Is it bad to use so many different types of products? Should I be using one of each once a week, or just pick one and stick with it? P.S. I have dry AF skin.

Thank you!

Dear Confused Betch,

Honestly your skin regimen sounds fucking exhausting. Like, I need a nap just listening to all the shit you do with your skin. However, you do bring up an interesting point. Dealing with your skin can be a more delicate art form than crafting the perfect Bumble bio or calculating how drunk is too drunk at work happy hours. TBH my skin can be way more psycho and vindictive than I’ve ever been with any of my ex-boyfriends. The good news though is that unlike my personality, your skin is totally fixable. So here’s what I’ve got for you:

1) You’re doing way too much with your skin rn. You need to cut that shit out pronto. Back to that psycho bitch comment, your skin can change with weather, mood, etc. so you should invest in a two-step skin care process. For example, pair a hydrating mask with a clay/exfoliating mask. The clay/exfoliating mask will pull out all that shit that’s clogging up your pores, while the hydrating mask will, like, hydrate your skin. Duh.

2) You’re also probs picking the wrong type of mask. Picking out a skin mask is not like showing up at CVS on your period and just saying “fuck it” when you get to the ice cream aisle. Just because the store is out of the type of mask you need doesn’t mean you can settle for whatever is there. This isn’t a frat party in your freshman dorm. It’s legit the chemist’s job to come up with the perfect formula for your skin so if you have dry skin (Hi, Confused Betch) then you need to use a hydrating formula.

3) But if you like wasting your time want to continue using the multi-masking system then you should only use multiple face masks to treat problem areas as they arise. This week it could be your nose low-key sabotaging your selfie game with blackheads. Then you should use a charcoal/clay mask for that area. Or maybe you got way too fucked up at last night’s happy hour and have more baggage happening under your eyes than I do in my love life. Then you need an eye-specific sheet mask. If you only treat the problem areas as they arise then you won’t overburden your skin more than you already are with that exhausting skin regimen.

But, I mean, at the end of the day, did I go to dermatology school or did I read just a bunch of articles on the Internet? I’ll let you decide…

The Betches

Ryanne Probst
Ryanne Probst
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