Ryanne Probst

aka It's Britney, Betch


It’s Britney, Betch’s real name is Ryanne (pronounced “Ryan” and this is her childhood trauma). She’s the resident recapper for 'Riverdale' and 'The Bachelor', and when she’s not talking sh*t, she’s drinking $8 wine and contemplating ways to burn ABC studios down to the ground. Catch her on Instagram (@ryprobst) where she’s either posting pictures of her dog or sliding into the DMs of former reality TV dating contestants.

  • What 3 Things Can You Not Live Without?

    Wine, coffee, and ending arguments with “k.” 

  • Whats Your Guilty Pleasure?

    Sliding into DMs of Are You The One? contestants.

  • What's Your Biggest Dating Red Flag?

    That he’s into me.


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