5 Snow Boots That Won't Ruin Your Outfits This Winter

Winter isn’t officially here yet, but given the fact that I’m typing this right now from the comfort of my heated blanket, I’d say it’s not too far off. Soon, not only will you need to get out your parka, scarf, gloves, etc. but you’ll also need your winter boots. Fortunately, unlike your childhood snow gear would suggest, your winter boots really don’t need to be tragic. Here are some super cute snow boot options to get you through this cold, sh*tty weather season. Fair warning, they’re not exactly cheap, but that’s because they’re an investment into looking cute and keeping your feet warm, so you actually don’t want to cheap out. Even if you’re not feeling a major purchase right now, consider adding one of these pairs of boots if your grandparents still ask you for a Christmas list every year.

1. Joan of Arctic Next Faux Fur Waterproof  Snow Boot – $249.95

If you live in the city and don’t have Sorels, then well, you’re doing it wrong. I actually don’t know how I survived the winters before I got my first pair, but needless to say I’m glad I did. They are a necessity for commuting to and from work, and if you’re that bitch trying to still walk home in her kitten heels when it’s snowing out, then you’re only hurting yourself. Wear the boots to work, and bring the heels in your bag to change. 

2. Marc Fisher LTD Izzie Lace-Up Boot – $161.37

These shoes are not only stylish, they’re actually weather-proof as well. Oh, and they’re also on sale right now. Animal print is very in, and so is having winter boots that don’t look clunky and obnoxious. Especially once you’re out of college, you want a more mature snow boot. So elevate your snow gear this winter with these stylish boots.

3. UGG Adirondack Boot III Fluff – $250

I have a soft spot for UGGs, and even though I’m no longer wearing them with my Juicy tracksuit, they still have a place in my wardrobe nowadays. But obviously your beloved brown sheepskin UGGs aren’t really meant to brave the elements, and these boots are the perfect alternative. The shade of grey is perfect for winter, and the fur trim couldn’t look (or feel) cozier.

4. Moschino Shearling Snow Boots – $195

These boots are the epitome of stylish and chic snow boots. I mean, they’re Moschino, so like, can you get more glam than that? The specific style won’t be for everyone, but if you don’t really like the classic boot look, these are a fun twist. And surprisingly, they’re actually under $200. So for weather-proof boots that are stylish and cool (and a brand that the Hadid sisters wear), I’d definitely ask Grandma for these ones.

5. Sperry Maritime Repel Suede – $129.95

These winter boots are like cabin-cozy-chic. Whether you’re spending the majority of the winter hitting the slopes in Aspen, or just trying not to freeze to death walking around the city, these are the perfect option that’s still cute, but just the right amount of rugged. Hopefully by now you’ve thrown away your old Sperry boat shoes, but they’re really killing the game with these boots.

Whether you buy one of these options, or just use these as some inspiration to find a less expensive (buy still stylish) option, remember that winter doesn’t mean your fashion has to be cold and dark. You’ll be wearing your boots a lot, so take the time to find something that won’t make you depressed when you get dressed in the morning.

Images: Nordstrom (2); UGG; ShopBop; Zappos

Shannon McCormick
Shannon McCormick
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