This Girl Discovered Someone's Been Copying Her Life On IG For Years

If you’ve ever felt irrationally pissed off by the phrase “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” then you’re a) probably an Aquarius and b) going to be absolutely obsessed with the story I am about to tell you. Like, not in a good way. In a “fall into an Internet black hole for three days” kind of way. This week, a UK betch named Chloe Cowan discovered that some stage five cyberstalker that doesn’t even follow her has been copying her life down to the last detail on Instagram for the past TWO YEARS. Insanity! I mean, I was once salty for a full week when someone copied my college graduation Instagram caption, so I truly cannot even imagine what Chloe is feeling right now. 

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Chloe’s sister, Linzi (horrible spelling, but ok), shared (and has since deleted) nearly 30 photos to Facebook that Instagram user @honeybasra18xo recreated from Chloe’s Instagram. But like, there apparently were way more than that. She literally copied outfits, poses and captions with crazy creepy accuracy within hours of Chloe’s original posts. The username @honeybasra18xo is also a copy of Chloe’s username, @chloecowan17xo. WHAT THE F*CK? 

It’s unclear how the sisters stumbled upon the photos, especially considering the fact that this was literally going on for two years without Chloe noticing. Twitter user @thisisheatherc shadily pointed out that some photos—like this one where Honey Basra is pretty accurately mimicking Chloe’s pose and outfit—raked in more likes than Chloe’s original photos. So like, this wasn’t even a dinky little finstagram with no followers. At a minimum, hundreds of people saw this account every time it posted, and it wasn’t even brought to Chloe’s attention until now. The women also both apparently attend Dundee University. Which like, yeah, the school has over 15,000 students, but you’d think this sh*t would have popped up in the Explore tab of someone who knows Chloe’s Instagram before this, no?

As if recreating outfit pics and selfies wasn’t chilling enough, Linzi apparently wrote that Honey even copied videos of a photo album that Chloe shared when the sisters’ father passed away, which really just takes the whole cyberstalking thing to another level.

Scottish Twitter is basically another planet, so have fun trying to read this one, but it seems like Honey even details like this “good vibes only” sign.

If this story wasn’t so deeply unsettling, you’d almost have to give Honey some credit here. Like, look at these selfie she recreated of Chloe’s. The girls look eerily alike, and she was able to recreate it with a really similar top and glasses. Obviously, this isn’t the most important question we need answers to in this case… but Honey, when you have time, can you please explain how you copied these outfits so quickly and closely? I literally have an entire folder of saved influencer photos on my Instagram filled with outfits I’m trying to cop. Thanks.

Honey even ripped off Chloe’s Halloween costume. Also, can we talk about the fact that the backgrounds of the photos she recreates are also accurate? Like, she literally found a room with the same color carpet as the one Chloe took her photo in. Either that’s a ridiculous coincidence, or she puts a serious amount of effort into this weird passion project.

After discovering the account, the sisters claim they contacted the police. They also confronted @honeybasra18x0, but she immediately blocked Chloe. Dundee University is apparently launching an investigation into the ordeal, but it’s probably not technically illegal. Not that I’m an expert on the law in Scotland. Oh, but speaking of, Linzi also wrote that the copycat is studying law at Dundee, so unless she just totally DGAF about her future, she probably has a decent level of understanding regarding any potential legal ramifications. 

Even weirder, supposedly, this isn’t the first time Honey has taken things a step too far. Although there’s basically no information about who the hell this person is, a woman claiming to be her former college roommate, Emma Reid, took to Facebook to say that the “particularly dangerous law student” in question “tormented” her, which caused her to move out recently, according to Bristol Live. However, nobody has been able to locate any other social media profiles linked to her so far… but don’t worry, I’m on the case.

Honestly, if I wasn’t always so pressed for likes, this sh*t would make me turn my Instagram private. Also: I’m really f*cking excited for this to be a Lifetime movie in a year. 

If you’re super into scams, stalkers, cults, and crimes, listen to the newest Betches podcast, Not Another True Crime Podcast, where we talk about all that sh*t and more!

Images: Elijah O’Donnell / Unsplash; emmareido, tjm_iii, daily_record, _dylanjohnstone, thisisheatherc / Twitter

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