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Has Anyone Checked On Charlie Puth After 'TTPD' Release?

When I first heard the lyric “You smokеd then ate seven bars of chocolate. We declared Charlie Puth should be a bigger artist.  I scratch your head, you fall asleep” I genuinely thought it was AI. It was giving “I’m so happy that my Travi made it to the big game.” But no. This time, it’s for real. The lyric is in Taylor Swift’s new song “The Tortured Poets Department.” There is nothing that’s brought me this level of joy in a while. First, I picture Taylor and some guy (MATTY HEALY!!!!!!!!!!!) lying in bed, stoned, talking about Charlie Puth. Then I’m picturing Charlie Puth at his piano (assuming he just, like, lives there) hearing this and losing his mind. Is that perfect-pitched boy ok? Are we going to get a collab from Taylor Swift and Charlie Puth soon? I have an endless about of unanswered questions. Let’s get into Charlie Puth’s response to “The Tortured Poets Department.” 

As of 12:25 am on April 19, we have yet to get a response from Charlie actually reacting to hearing his name in the song, but as certain as I am that Swifties across the globe are sobbing over track 5 right now, I am positive a TikTok from Charlie is coming. For now, let’s get into some Charlie x Taylor lore of the past.

Are Charlie Puth and Taylor Swift friends?

Starting off with the important questions, like… do these two even know each other? So Charlie is a major Swiftie and covered Taylor’s songs on his tour in 2022.


So, the bottom line is there is *zero* evidence on the internet that these two have a deep enough friendship for him to get a first and last name mention in the song. But we love that even more for him!

*Side note, and no disrespect, but you know Selena Gomez is seeeeeething right now that she hasn’t been mentioned by name in any of Taylor’s song and Charlie effing Puth gets the shoutout.

Fans on Twitter are appropriately going nuts over this. The Puthinators are here to stay!

More to come…

Steph Perlman
Steph Perlman
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