NYC Would Go Absolutely Feral If Carrie's Exes Were On Hinge

As another feral summer of meaningless dating-app hookups and stalking your ex’s Venmo transactions begins, so does the sophomore season of And Just Like That… where queen of the meet-cute Carrie Bradshaw is back to her old tricks. 

If the first season, with its podcasts and pansexuals, was intent on convincing us that the core girls had successfully adapted to the modern age (“let’s call an Uber,” Miranda winkingly announces in the series pilot), then it’s only fair that we consider the impact sex tech could have had on the countless situation-ships that defined the original franchise. Would obnoxious two-truths-and-a-lie humblebrags or one too many The Office references stop some of the most iconic hookups in their tracks? To help theorize, we created Hinge profiles for all 24 of Carrie’s exes – let’s see if she would’ve fared as gracefully if she walked a mile in our (way less expensive) shoes.

Aidan Shaw Aleksandr Petrovsky Hinge

Emma Sharpe
Emma Sharpe
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