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The 'Summer House' Season 8 Trailer Is The Only Thing I'll Be Thinking About The Rest Of The Day

The Summer House season 8 trailer wastes absolutely zero time. From the jump, we’re getting our first look at Lindsay and Carl’s much-talked-about breakup. Nothing says “buckle up, bitch” like ominous voiceovers over New York City b-roll.

The teaser for season 8 starts at the end of summer. The first 55 seconds of the two minute and 45 second trailer are dedicated to Lindsay and Carl’s breakup. Watch the full trailer below but be prepared to watch it like 503043 times in a row.

The Summer House Season 8 Trailer Is Here

If you’re new here, let’s review the breakup SparkNotes real quick: Lindsay and Carl have been besties for years, both part of the original Summer House cast. One summer, Carl finger banged Lindsay. They were kind of hooking up for a minute, then they weren’t, they both had other relationships going on. There was always some flirty tension and they remained “besties.” In January 2022, after some speculation, Lindsay confirmed she and Carl were officially dating. In May 2022, Carl and Lindsay moved in together. Three months later, Carl proposed. Then, about a year and a month later, news broke that Carl called off the engagement in September 2023.

There was a lot of speculation and chatter around the breakup when it happened. The narrative we learned was that Carl called production so that he could break up with Lindsay on camera. Yikes! And we get to see the star of that unfold in the trailer.

Then we get to the second half of the trailer, which is, sorry to say, a hell of a lot less interesting than the breakup content. There are two new faces in the house this summer, Jesse Solomon and West Wilson. From the looks of it, a main storyline will be Jesse hitting on Paige and everyone being like “noooooononononooooo, don’t do that!” Classic.

Also, there’s the inevitable Amanda and Kyle drama, though I think they seem like they’re in a great place?

Of course, we also see the Carl and Lindsay of it all start unfold while they’re in the house.

Steph Perlman
Steph Perlman
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