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SOUND THE ALARMS: Carl And Lindsay End Engagement, Shock Absolutely No One

On August 30 (also known as the eleventh hour of Summer House filming), news broke that Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard called off their engagement. According to reports, the breakup was filmed and Carl was the one to end it. This comes only two weeks after he posted a photo from her bridal shower captioned, “You are going to make such a beautiful bride.” I guess he meant in general? Not, like, his specific bride. 

Lindsay and Carl got engaged almost a year ago to the day on the beach in Montauk in front of cameras and were planning to get married this November. Despite the fact their relationship wreaked irrevocable havoc in the house last summer, drove an uncomfortable wedge between them and their literal best friends, and forced a nation to cringe every time the word “babe” was said in the Hamptons, we were all still kind of rooting for them! At the end of the day, the friends turned (finger-banging) lovers trope is a fan-favorite! 

However, it’s quite possible the signs they were not going to make it down the aisle were in front of us the whole time. Here are all the moments that *might’ve* clued us in that a RadHouse breakup was imminent. And if you see Danielle anywhere in NYC this week, buy her a Fireball shot, because I don’t think “I told you so” is going to cut it. 

  • When they got engaged and Danielle acted like they just murdered her childhood dog
  • When they got engaged and Amanda happened to decide not to come to the Hamptons that weekend
  • When Carl dubbed their first date “the worst first date ever” 
  • When Lindsay wore shoulder pads to the beach, but claimed to have no idea she was getting engaged
  • When no one in the cast liked their first Instagrams together
  • When Carl told Danielle she was engagement ring shopping and her reaction was to scream into a pillow 
  • When Lindsay grabbed Austen Kroll’s dick at Amanda and Kyle’s wedding
  • When Lindsay frequently told Austen she loved him
  • When they got engaged and, according to Paige, “four hours later a People magazine article was on”
  • When we saw the neon RadHouse sign in their outrageously expensive $13k New York City Apartment
  • When Lindsay captioned her engagement Instagram “YOOOOOOOO”
  • When Carl captioned his: “Never gonna give you up 💍💖👩‍❤️‍👨” oy vey.
  • When Scandoval skyrocketed Vanderpump Rules to national news…
Steph Perlman
Steph Perlman
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