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It's "Stay Stoned On Your Couch" Week And These Are The Accessories I'm Smoking With

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It’s the week between Christmas and New Year’s — that long stretch of time where you have no idea what day it is, you live in the same pair of sweatpants, and exist off a steady rotation of leftover cookies and Diet Coke. Typically, I would be spending the majority of this week stoned on my couch watching reruns of The Barefoot Contessa. But, alas, I am here at my computer, working from home, forced to stay straight until 5:30 p.m. when I can slam my laptop shut, spark up, and zone out to the gentle voice of Ina Garten.

If you’re like me, you’re not into the typical weed paraphernalia — the ashtrays adorned with baked Bart Simpsons, the rolling papers you buy from the bodega around the corner. In the grand tradition of basic bitches, I want my smoking stuff to be cute, floral, and pastel. I want it to look adorable on my coffee table. I want my friends to comment on it when I light up on the sidewalk. If I’m going to be a stoner, I want to be a twee stoner, okay?

So I’ve rounded up the best weed accessories for you to have a cute little stoned time on your couch. Now just grab your favorite snacks and scroll on.

These adorable (and flavored!) rolling papers

Edie Parker Crush Cone Sampler Pack

This ~super chic~ set that has everything you need to never leave your couch

Gossamer The Nesting Set

This iridescent grinder that is oh-so cute

HeezeeBeezee Grinder

This bong that also doubles as decor

Session Paradise Bong
 $148 (was $185)

An elegant ashtray that’s straight out of the ’70s

Kepfire Simple Crystal Square Ashtray

This sweet little cherry pipe

Edie Parker Glass Fruit Pipe, Cherry

Or maybe you’d prefer a balloon?

Edie Parker Balloon Pipe

A rainbow of rolling papers

BenoPop Colorful Pre-Rolled Cones

This ceramic ashtray with a lid to keep the smell out

Lependor Ceramic Ashtray

A subscription to Gossamer, the coolest weed lifestyle magazine out there

Gossamer Annual Subscription


Maria Del Russo
Maria Del Russo
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