The Comfiest Stretchy Pants (Because I Need Room To Breathe After A Meal)

If you’re a girlie who gets bloated after a snack or has a tummy ache after literally one bite of dairy, then I’m sure you’re on the hunt for stretchy pants that are actually cute. In other words, if the waistband digs into my sides after lunch, those pants are out the door. And luckily, there are a ton of comfortable pants that are work-appropriate, so you can take those elastic waist trousers from the weekend to workweek.

For those of us who have sworn off tight, restrictive trousers, elastic waist pants are absolutely the vibe. Today’s market is full of options that are as chic as they are comfy. Ahead, I’m going to dive into the world of cute pants that aren’t jeans that swear off that nerve-wracking tightness. Whether you’re in an office, lounging at home, on a date, or out on the town, these pants will keep you looking sharp feeling relaxed. Say goodbye to the days of adjusting your waistband after every meal.

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Best Elastic Waist Pants For Tummy Ache Girlies

These cozy corduroys that go from couch to cocktails

Minibee Women's Cropped Corduroy Pants

A pair of chic joggers that are *actually* office-appropriate

Anthropologie The Richie Slim Joggers

Drawstring pants, but make them ~shiny~

Reformation Olina Silk Pant

These chic leather pants that are stretchy (and pull-on!)

Marcella New York Vinci Pants

These viral joggers that look just like jeans

rag & bone Miramar Denim-Print Joggers

An easy pant that lives up to its name

Everlane The Easy Pant

Flared trousers that you can move freely in

Everlane The Dream Kick Flare Pant

Some stretchy pants for spring and summer

Enza Costa Everywhere Pant

Work pants with a trendy slit

English Factory Front Slit Pants

Silky cargos…yep, you read that right

Superdown Rita Cargo Pant

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Andrea Marie
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