May Is The Best Month For Shopping, So Here's Everything That Goes On Sale This Month

May is kind of a dud of a month when you think about it. There aren’t any major holidays for a betch to dress slutty for or receive gifts during look forward to. I mean, I guess Memorial Day sort of counts if you think wearing a bikini is slutty, but like, it’s really just a watered-down Fourth of July when you think about it. Summer is showing up faster than a breakout after a weekend bender, which is inconvenient because our summer bodies aren’t moving at the same speed. Most of our favorite rooftop bars aren’t even open yet. Considering May is about as action packed as an episode of Antiques Roadshow, I’ve decided to try to find a silver lining in this 31-day suckfest. Here’s what I came up with: May is the perfect month for shopping. Just think about it. The weather perfectly correlates with the temperature inside of stores. It’s not so cold outside that you have to lug a jacket around, but it’s also not so hot that you have to wear a skimpy outfit that will make you freeze in an air conditioned shop. Okay, that’s literally the lamest excuse ever, but you’ve taken less believable lines from fuckboys, so just work with me on this. Here are a few things to buy that are pretty much always on sale in May, because whoever is in charge of deciding sales just like, really gets us. You know?

1. Sneakers

Remember last week when you saw a pair of Nikes you really wanted at the mall, but then you remembered that the closest you’ve gotten to working out recently is creating a fitness board on Pinterest with one hand in a bag of Cheetos, so you went to Sarku instead? Well, stores are targeting you and have marked down their sneakers hoping that you’ll see a shoe sale and be like, “maybe I’ll actually start working out if I get these.” Instead of feeling weird about it, just go out and get some. Dick’s Sporting Goods is currently having a sale on women’s sneakers. And if you’re having trouble deciding what to get, we already generously provided the trendiest summer sneakers that aren’t your basic-ass Adidas Superstars.


2. Cosmetics and Fragrances

Okay, so when I said there aren’t any holidays in May, I was excluding Mother’s Day because there aren’t exactly any Mother’s Day bar crawls. However, it does definitely affect sales because every mom—yes, even yours—deserves a dope present. Cosmetics and fragrances can be tricky because they’re normally the one exception to every department store sale, but makeup stores get creative when they want to push sales. (“I’m a pusher, Cady. I’m a pusher” Umm… is the Clinique lady trying to sell us drugs?) For example, Sephora currently has tons of gift options and is offering extra Beauty Insider points on fragrances, so they’re like, basically free (or so you will tell your mom when she accosts you about your maxed out credit card yet again).

3. Swimwear

We’ve already established that shopping for swimwear sucks worse than cracking your iPhone screen. Actually, I’m not sure which one is worse. That’s a shitty round of Would You Rather, sorry, everyone. Anyway, at least when there’s a sale it’s not as bad. I’m pretty sure bikinis go on sale for the same reason as sneakers do—because none of us have really prepared for summer the way we thought we would, and retailers need to rope us in to buying their shit anyway. Everything But Water just added a bunch of stuff to their sale section. 

4. Wedding Dresses

If you’re planning on getting married (IDK why you’d ever be doing that, but to each her own), or even just trying to stay prepared if you ever get cast on The Bachelor, you should prob know that May is the best month to buy wedding dresses. Bridal Fashion Week is in April, so the new dresses come out in May and the styles from last year go on sale, so you can stop your little last season Carolina Herrera at me, honey down the aisle.


5. Party Supplies

Party supplies (aka Solo cups that your friends leave all over your apartment during a pregame) are usually pretty cheap as is, but buying them is a pain in the ass. Who wants to spend money on cups when you can just chug straight from the bottle? Luckily, this stuff goes on sale in May, so you can step up your pregame game a bit. Party City is currently having a sale on pretty much everything. 

Hannah Chambers
Hannah Chambers
Hannah Chambers is one of those people whose entire personality consists of Real Housewives references, taking pictures of her dog, and drinking out of an obnoxiously large water bottle. You can find her work in Cosmopolitan, Bustle,, and more. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @hanchambers