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16 Actually Good Gifts For Moms That Aren't Just Shit For Their Kids

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Unfortunately for moms everywhere, it’s somehow already mid-November, which means the struggle to make this ~the most magical season ever~ is officially upon us. We’re talking entertaining the in-laws, hosting endless dinners, and somehow keeping it together long enough to find a special gift for every person you’ve ever met. Ready for the kicker? We spend alllllll this time, energy, and money making everyone happy and, uh. What? About? Us? We deserve a lil something under the tree, too, right? RIGHT?!

The problem is that when people think “best gift for moms,” it’s usually just toys for their kids or a generic candle…if we moms get anything at all. Because let’s face it: while everyone’s dishing out gifts for the kids, presents for the pets, even something for the neighbor’s third cousin twice removed, who remembers the actual people behind the sticky handprints on the walls and the seemingly endless piles of cookies that everyone sneaks from the freezer even though we told them they’re for the party we’re forced to throw so now we have to make more in the middle of the night while we cry into the abyss. 

But fear not, because gifts for moms — like good gifts for cool moms — actually *do* exist. Since none of us have time to make a whole list for ourselves, I polled the Betches Moms masses and figured out what, exactly, everyone wants for the holidays (…besides to be left TF alone, ofc). If you’re not booking us a suite where we can order room service and sit in silence, we’ll accept any and all of the below. (Oh, and if you’re a mom, you might as well buy yourself a few pressies. Trust us, you deserve it.)

An espresso/coffee/cappuccino maker because what even is sleep?

EspressoWorks All-In-One Espresso Machine with Milk Frother

And an Ember coffee mug to actually keep it warm

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug
 $109.95 (was $149.95)

A luxe, weighted blanket for the anxiety mamas (hi, it’s all of us)

Baloo 15lb 100% Cotton Weighted Blanket

Some silk PJs to make us feel like a person again

Clementine Sleepwear Organic Silk Pajama Set

Crocs, because fine! They’re the perfect house shoe!

Crocs Unisex-Adult Classic Clogs

An e-reader so we can disengage from our actual lives and live out our #BookTok fantasies

Kindle Paperwhite

A fancy hairdryer for those random times when we want to rock something besides a messy bun

Shark HD430 FlexStyle Air Styling & Drying System

…And this genius hat tote bag for all the days we don’t get to wash our hair

Leather Hat Carrying Tote

A Roomba, which is *almost* as good as hiring a cleaning service

iRobot Roomba Combo j5 Robot
 $349 (was $599.99)

That supes soft robe for those night feedings + random wakeups

Fleece Sherpa Shaggy Bathrobe

Postpartum jeans that don’t look like postpartum jeans

Good American Always Fits Good Legs Skinny Jeans

A cute bike so we can pedal away from our problems

Huffy Panama Jack Women's Beach Cruiser Bike

Caraway cookware set for the Bree Van de Kamps of the bunch

Caraway Nonstick Ceramic Cookware Set

An actual massage at an actual spa…but this impressive kneader works too

Shiatsu Neck Massager with Heat
 $39.99 (was $99.99)

Chic joggers that will make us feel comfy and put together

Cozy Earth Women's Ultra-Soft Jogger Pant

Finally, an elegant necklace with our babies’ initials to gut-punch us in the feels

Mejuri Letter Necklace

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Rachel Varina
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