One Of The 'Bachelorette' Contestants Is Racist AF

Alert your friend from college who thinks racism is dead because we live in a post-racial society: Racism is not dead and racists walk among us. They rant on our Facebook feeds. They advise our presidents. They even compete on our favorite reality show to find love land a Sugar Bear Hair endorsement. Yes, that’s right, one of the contestants competing for Rachel Lindsay’s love on The Bachelorette is not, as Dean would say, “ready to go black and never go back,” because he’s actually kind of a bigot. At least, that’s what his old racist tweets point to. 

The racist is… wait for it… Lee. Who? Oh yeah, the guy from Nashville who we said pisses sweet tea and sweats Cracker Barrel gravy. Anddd is anyone surprised that the guy who’s too Southern to function is also a Trump supporter who likens Black Lives Matter to a terrorist group (but probably thinks Dylan Roof was just a lone wolf who acted independently because of mental illness)? Anybody? I’ll wait.

New York Waiting

Some gems from Lee’s Twitter (which has since been set to private) include, “Throw BPP, BLM, the KKK, and Westboro together, stick them outside the RNC, you get the entire makeup of racism” (wut) and “What’s the difference between the NAACP and the KKK? Wait for it….. One has the sense of shame to cover their racist ass faces” (I guess I missed the KKK scholarships and the NAACP cross burnings). And just to remind you, Lee is competing for the love of THE FIRST BLACK BACHELORETTE.

I have a lot of questions. Mainly, “Why?” and “How?” and “Who is Lee’s employer? Asking for a friend…” Lee is basically every one of my Facebook friends who makes veiled references to “people needing to accept our president because we voted for him” and who are commending CNN for firing Kathy Griffin while they chanted “lock her up” back in November and defended Ted Nugent calling for the beheading of the Obama administration back in 2012 as free speech. Sigh.

But it gets better. Lee isn’t just racist and terribly misguided about what the NAACP does, but he’s also sexist, Islamophobic, AND homophobic! Wow, what a guy! Some more of Lee’s greatest hits include statements like the following:

Lee Garrett



I guess Lee has never seen Emma Watson before? Also, hi. Me.

Lee Garrett

Notice how he puts “gay community” in quotes like it’s the damn Easter Bunny (he also does this with white privilege). Also notice how his fragile male sensibilities are so offended by the mere sight of rainbow flags that he has to tweet about it. 

We really hit the bigot trifecta with this guy. Great job, ABC! Did y’all just not look at this dude’s Twitter account beforehand? Or do you just not care? Or worse, is this a ploy for ratings? I really hope not. Like, setting a ‘roided-up Chad loose among some unsuspecting wimpy men and a plate of deli meats and giving Corinne so much Champagne she falls asleep is one thing. Knowingly putting this trash person in the mix with the first black Bachelorette to drum up drama is a total other thing. I know they’d do anything for love ratings, but I hope they wouldn’t do THAT.

Bottom line is, Rachel doesn’t need this. Get this guy the fuck outta here.