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"Ed Hardy Was The Shit!" Angelina And Deena Time Travel Back To 2010

There was once a time when you heard the words “Kim Kardashian of Staten Island” and didn’t immediately think of Kim Kardashian having dinner at at Italian restaurant with Pete Davidson. In 2010, Angelina Pivarnick entered the Jersey Shore house and called herself the KK of SI. Deena Nicole Cortese showed up for season 3 and dubbed herself “a walking holiday” and a “blast in a glass.” Nicknames were way cooler then and everyone just was confident enough to give themselves one? Jealous.

It’s been 13 years since Jersey Shore first premiered and the group is ready for you to see Jersey Shore: Family Vacation season 6 for one big reason: Sammi the-sweetest-bitch-you’ll-ever-meet Giancola is back. She hasn’t been a part of the first five seasons, despite the cast begging her to go on. She’s always said it wasn’t the right time for her. Read: she refuses to breath the same air as Ronnie.

With this news forcing us to mentally time travel back to the golden orange age of reality TV, we asked Angelina and Deena to take us back to 2010 with rapid fire questions.

What was the greatest club song in 2010?

Angelina: I remember it was called, “I Heard You Say.” In Miami, that’s what we were listening to season 2. It was like, it’s a dance song. 

Deena: I liked the song, it was like, da da da da da da. I can’t think of the song. You remember? It goes dun na na nee na na na nee na. 

*Editor’s Note: Song is “Stereo Love” by Edward Maya and Vika Jigulina. 

What a vibe. What was your favorite fashion trend?

Angelina: Definitely not my side bang.

Deena: Probably the big belts. I loved a nice big belt. And wearing shirts as dresses with a big belt.

Angelina: Ed Hardy was the shit back then, and what were those hats? The Von Dutch hats.

Low-key those are both coming back. What was your signature scent?

Angelina: I love the Paris Hilton perfume.

Deena: I still only wear retro stuff. Right now I think I have Britney Spears as my number one, but I also have Glow by J-Lo and then also Flower Bomb and I loved Heavenly by Victoria’s Secret.

Angelina: I still use that all the time from Victoria’s Secret.

People honestly must compliment you all the time, those were the best. Now, talk me through your 2010 makeup routine? 

Deena: Back in the day, super bright eyeshadow, red, pink, some type of lipstick, super orange, a lot of foundation, a lot of bronzer. I always looked like a clown, now that I look back, I’m like, “Oh my God, I really looked like a clown.” 

Angelina: Me, I had the side bang, which I wanted to kill myself for doing that. Ugh, gross. And I never had extensions in, I always had my real hair, which was not… My real hair is thick, but I don’t know, I just like to have extensions in, it makes it fuller, thicker, more volume. I never wore eyelashes back in the day, and I think that’s what people don’t realize. When they see me now, yes, have I gotten stuff done? Yes, but when you put on eyelashes, it makes you look like a totally different person. Am I right, D? I know for a fact that I did not wear eyelashes back in the day, so that was a real big makeup fail for me. I should have worn eyelashes. 

If there are any Gen-Z trendsetters reading this, I beg you not to bring back side bangs. What was your go-to drink when you were hitting Karma?

Deena: SoCo. I really loved SoCo..

Angelina: I remember drinking that. Oh, god. What about Jägermeister, Jäger bombs? Wait, what about the one with the gold chips in it? Goldschläger?

Deena: Oh, yeah.

Angelina: Oh my God. Disgusting.

Aside from the alcohol, what was one thing you couldn’t live without in 2010? 

Deena: My lip gloss and my self-tanner.

Angelina: I would say my curling iron because I always curled my hair, or my straightening iron because I always straightened it. I still can’t live without both right now.

Steph Perlman
Steph Perlman
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