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Everything We Bought During Prime Day

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If you’re a bargain hunter like me, you did some serious damage during day one of Amazon Prime Day 2023. It’s the time when I stock up on all the essentials I need, including things for the home, my favorite beauty products, and products for my next trip. But since I’m nosy AF, I’m always curious to hear what my coworkers are stocking up on. So I went ahead and asked Betches HQ what, exactly, they were buying during Prime Day. And did they deliver.

Ahead, find the deals that our team members have been adding to their carts. From a portable charger to a bib that collects all of my fiancé’s hair as he shaves, these are the must-haves to shop during Prime Day, according to our team. But act fast—today is the last day of the shopping holiday, so these deals won’t hang around.

A Viral Hair Wax Stick

My baby hairs are out of control, and I’m prone to FOMO—so I had to buy this viral hair stick.” — Frances Lee, Senior E-Comm Director

Samnyte Hair Wax Stick
 $7.59 (was $14.99)

Air Tags For The Anxious Traveler

“I am deeply terrified of losing my luggage when I travel, and I have zero faith in airline in general at this point, so hopefully these will help.” — Michelle Ciciyasvili, Senior Communications Director

Apple Air Tag 4 Pack
 $88.49 (was $99)

A Beard Bib That Will Keep Me From Breaking Off My Engagement

“When my fiancé shaves his beard, his hair gets everywhere and it drives me crazy. Hopefully this will keep things tidy so I don’t have to pull out the dust buster every time he pulls out the clippers.” — Maria Del Russo, Branded & Affiliate Content Director

Aksice Beard Trimming Catcher Bib
 $7.99 (was $16.99)

A Milk Frother To Up My Chai Game

“I have an amazing honey masala chai mix from a local Chinese grocery but I am never able to make the frothy milk it calls for. Looking forward to frothy chai and oat milk!” — Shannon Sassone, Branded Podcast Sponsor Producer

Zulay Milk Frother Wand Drink Mixer
 $7.99 (was $16.99)

A Packable, Handheld Steamer

“I got this handheld travel steamer because I saw it was widely recommended, and I have yet to find a steamer that works well and lasts!” — Sami Sage, Founder and Chief Creative Officer

NTAYDZSW Handheld Steamer
 $49.99 (was $69.99)

A Charger For Everything

“I got this 3-in-1 magnetic charger for your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods to all sit on one slim stand. Thinking about buying a second one for the office.” — David Spiegel, Chief Revenue Officer

Magnetic Wireless Charging Station
 $31.99 (was $39.99)

A Lip Treatment With A Little Nostalgia

“I bought this Laneige Lip Treatment Balm—half because I’m obsessed with everything Laneige, and half because it looks like a caboodle.” — Kate Ward, Chief Content Officer

Laneige Lip Treatment Balm
 $17.50 (was $25)

A Portable Charger To Support Your Scrolling Habit

“Now that I sit and scroll on TikTok, Instagram, and Threads, of course, my phone dies much faster. Usually portable chargers are so bulky, but this one is so cute, tiny, and easy to transport.” — Hannah Hampton, Account Manager

iWalk Small Portable Charger
 $24.49 (was $34.99)

A Replacement For That One AirPod I Lost

“My last AirPods were on their last leg, and now it’s like I’m hearing in HD. The noise cancellation feature is scary good because it almost made me forget I was waiting for the subway to come—I couldn’t hear a single outside noise.” — Divya Ijari, Account Manager

Apple AirPods Pro
 $199 (was $249)

A Retinol To Save Your Skin

“I recently turned 30 and my facialist was absolutely horrified to find out I don’t use retinol yet (I’m still 18 in my mind, ok?). I’ve been dying to try Paula’s Choice since it’s been all over TikTok so I thought this was the best time to give it a whirl.” — Abbey Westlin, Content Editor

Paula's Choice CLINICAL 1% Retinol Treatment Cream
 $49.60 (was $64)


Maria Del Russo
Maria Del Russo
Maria Del Russo is the Branded & Affiliate Content Director for Betches. When she isn't at the office, you can usually find her in the kitchen, yelling "That tastes SO freakin' good!" at nobody in particular.