Amanda Stanton Tweeted Out A Photo Of Robby Hayes Cheating On Her

It’s been a crazy day in the world of The Bachelor. First we learned that Arie is disgusting. Well, okay, I realize the way I phrased that might not actually be news to anyone who’s ever set eyes on Arie since 2012. What I mean is, reports that he bangs whole sorority houses surfaced on Reddit. But then shit got even crazier when Amanda Stanton tweeted a photo of Robby Hayes cheating on her, or so it seems.

Actual footage of Bachelor Nation today:

Spongebob Fire

I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t been following Robby and Amanda’s relationship since Paradise, mostly because I don’t care. I also didn’t watch Bachelor in Paradise last night yet because I had better shit to do than watch ABC exploit Corinne and DeMario for the 178th time this year. But here’s what I gathered through extensive research: while still in Paradise, Amanda friend zoned Robby. Then, when she got back to the U.S., she started to regret it and the two dated exclusively. (I mean, I get it, given that I’m currently breadcrumbing someone I previously ended things with as we speak.) Robby and Amanda’s relationship ultimately didn’t work out, probably because Robby cares more for his hair than he could ever care for another person and all these relationships on this show are fake. So they broke up, this time for good.

BUT THEN at the reunion, Emily implied that Robby cheated on Amanda. Robby denied everything, as one does. But unfortunately for Robby, Amanda came with the receipts. She tweeted evidence of Robby cheating. Savage level: 1,000.

Amanda Stanton Robby Hayes Cheating Evidence

Ohhh shit. Good luck denying THAT, Robby. I mean, obviously we don’t know when this photo was taken and can’t verify for sure that this was during their relationship, but it is clear that Robby is engaging in some questionably close behavior with a girl who kind of looks like Amanda from the back, but given the context, I guess isn’t Amanda. Robby did send out this long-ass text post tweet after the reunion aired but before Amanda tweeted out the picture. Here’s what he said.  

TL;DR: Someone needs to instruct Robby on the proper use of the semi-colon. Robby hasn’t responded to the picture yet, but given that he’s not the next Bachelor like he thought he would be, he probably will respond just to drum up the press. Robby, if you want to clap back, you have our number.