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Addison Rae Is The It Girl Pop Icon Who Can Save Us All

Charli XCX’s “Von Dutch” remix featuring Addison Rae is my reason for waking up in the morning, the not-so-fitting soundtrack of my pretty tame life, and the first song on at least 10 of my aspirational hot girl playlists. Personally, I’ve been “living that [Addison] life” ever since the TikTok queen released “Obsessed” back in 2022. So yes, I am better than you. Those of us who really understand Great Music saw her potential in that masterful dance-pop track and artfully choreographed video. The following year, Addison blessed us with the golden composition that is “To Die For” and the rest of her iconic AR EP. (Standouts include “I got it bad” and “Nothing On (But The Radio).” You’re welcome.)

The 23-year-old star is forging her own path in the music industry, and she’s come a long way from her cringier TikTok days and — dare I say his name — Bryce Hall. When her discography first leaked, people made a sport out of mocking Addison. Over time, they decided she’s so bad that she’s good… it’s a fascinating phenomenon. I, however, actually do believe she’s a living legend. People need to share this opinion, so I’ve broken down why Addison is thee It Girl and pop star to stan right now.

The Aesthetic


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She looks like a main pop girl without even trying. The dirty blond waves, the effortless smize, the fairly subtle but sexy glam, the frequent sporting of denim, leather, and pink… it’s giving Britney, and you know it is.

The Ad Libs


the scream!! @Addison Rae @A. G. Cook

♬ The von dutch remix w addison rae and a. g. cook – Charli XCX

Real pop girls understand the craft of ad-libbing deep in their souls. Among the “Von Dutch” remix stan community, it’s widely known that Addison’s improvised scream makes the song. It’s unhinged. It’s free. It’s girlie. It’s beautiful. If you need proof that she’s a natural in this corner of the pop space, enter the scream into evidence immediately.

The Dancing

Listen, I love the singer/songwriter girls with all my heart. Olivia and Taylor slay with their poetic lyrics and guitars. And I’m also happy to give Dua Lipa the Most Improved Pop Girl Dancer award. That being said, there’s nothing like a pop star who really commits to full-out choreography for live performances and music videos. Addison’s dancing skills made her famous, and now, they’re a huge asset to her music career. A slay and a half.

The Camp


no thoughts just paparazzi stills of addison rae reading britney’s memoir in public #addisonrae #britneyspears #inspo #moots

♬ original sound – ✮𝒦 ✮

The A-list league of pop girls (Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, etc.) all share a common strategy: engaging with camp. We all remember the Lady Gaga meat dress and the Katy cupcake bra. And frankly, I’m always gonna remember the Addison pap video where she’s wearing a pink baby tee and a black miniskirt, pretending to read Britney’s memoir while taking a walk. The dedication to the brand… chef’s kiss.

The Redemption Arc


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Every icon needs a narrative that helps plebeians relate to them, and Addison also has that going for her. The people of the internet have tried to bring this girl down so many times, calling her cringe, untalented, annoying, Republican, canceled, etc. But the truth is, you can’t stop greatness. It always shines through. Addison has fought more than her fair share of social media battles, but I daresay she’s won the war. May she keep winning!

Ilana Frost
Ilana Frost
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