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A Betchy Ranking Of The 'Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City' Reunion Looks

The only thing I love more than watching the drama unfold during a Housewives reunion is hearing Andy Cohen either compliment the women’s outfits or give them that half-grin and ask about their outfit choice (if he’s questioning “the thought process behind the look,” it means it’s bad). After the ex💣plo💣sive💣  season four finale, the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City reunion is primed to make some reality TV herstory.

We have a lot of lingering questions following the finale, but we know there’s nothing more pressing than finding out our Betchy breakdown of this season’s reunion outfits.

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season four reunion looks, ranked 

7. Whitney Rose

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I had zero choice but to give Whitney Rose last place for her lime green Cult Gaia dress. I love this brand and don’t mind the dress if she was barefoot on the beach somewhere, sipping a glass of rosé, but it’s bad for the reunion. The hair doesn’t work. The necklaces are too random. She told about her inspiration for the look: “Our trip to Bermuda was chaotic and very dramatic, but I was inspired by the beauty of the ocean and all of the stories of sunken ships and hidden treasures … The rest of my look was inspired by all of the beautiful and vibrant colors of Bermuda, and Barbie, of course.” Make it make sense.

6. Angie Katsanevas

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Angie, Angie, Angie. This red Nensi Dojaka number screams “MOM!!!!! PLEAAAASE let me wear this for Homecoming!!! Sarah M.’s mom is letting her wear cut-outs, it’s FINE!!!!!” Despite retailing for over $1,000, this looks like it’s from the finale sale section on Shein. Just to say one nice thing: Her face card is everything. Nailed it.

5. Heather Gay

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Would’ve loved to have seen Heather in something that I didn’t see in every wedding Instagram post this summer. Like, this is fine. The color is pretty-ish (washes her out a bit), the pleats are meh, and the one-shoulder is tired. Her makeup is a 10/10, but I would’ve loved to see a super sparkly diamond bracelet on her, or some funky rings.

4. Mary Cosby

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Believe me, I am equally as shocked that Mary is this high on the list. Normally, I think she dresses like a literal circus clown, but this royal blue Alexander McQueen gown is a perfectly appropriate and PRETTY reunion dress. She looks deceptively normal in this photo? Which I really love for her. I don’t like the necklace, a chunkier choker (or nothing at all) would’ve been better. The long hair works. The bracelets work. I rest my case.

3. Monica Garcia

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Again, believe me… I’m as surprised as you are. Monica’s Koa Johnson dress is just the epitome of a reunion dress. The slit, the knot at the waist, the one shoulder, it feels more Jersey than Salt Lake City, but in a good way? I know, shocked. If Heather’s makeup is a 10/10, Monica’s is a 12/10.

2. Meredith Marks

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I think this may be my most controversial pick. And it’s possible that I’m biased because I hear Meredith Mark’s voice screaming “YOU CAN LEAVE” on repeat in my brain. And I’m generally just obsessed with her. But this Givenchy dress is a win in my book. The silhouette is to-die-for, I love the tie around the waist, and the shape of the neckline! However, I don’t love the long necklace or the purple earrings — wish it was all diamonds. Frost yourself, Mer!!!

1. Lisa Barlow

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And landing herself at number one… Lisa effing Barlow. Silver Tom Ford, what reunion dreams are made of. Plain and simple. Hair wins. Makeup wins. Bracelets win.

Steph Perlman
Steph Perlman
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