7 Times Chrissy Teigen Was All Of Us In Honor Of Her Birthday

Hear ye, hear ye. It is a holy day in betchy history: Chrissy Teigen’s 32nd birthday. When Chrissy Teigen first became famous, initially we all thought she was just another hot swimsuit model. Which, to be clear, is admirable in and of itself. But then we noticed that not only is Chrissy beautiful, but she’s also funny af. She criticizes Trump on Twitter (before getting blocked), she pokes fun at herself and her husband, she eats chicken nuggets, she’s an amazing cook… basically, Chrissy Teigen is all of us (minus the cooking part). So in honor of her 32nd birthday, here are all the times she was literally the most relatable person on the planet.

1. When She Made This Face At The Golden Globes

Chrissy Teigen

Anyone who’s even watched The Golden Globes (anyone?) in their pajamas in the comfort of their own home can relate to this feeling, let alone having to dress up and not eat throughout the whole thing. So I can understand this general sentiment. Chrissy made this face when her husband John Legend won an award for his song in Selma, which is kind of perplexing given the context. What’s not perplexing, however, it that this is an extremely relatable face for many occasions, like when my boss asks me to do anything or when I sexted a guy because I was bored and now he really expects me to do the things I told him I wanted to do.

2. When She Made This Other Face At The Oscars

Chrissy Teigen Oscars

Chrissy made this face in response to Chris Rock bringing Stacey Dash up for a Black History Month cameo. I understand if you repressed that moment from your conscious memory, because it was extremely awkward for all involved. This is me viewing my drunken Snap stories from the night before. It’s me when I look at the calorie count of one slice of avocado toast. It’s me when a guy matches me and his profile says he’s under 5’7″. It’s me at most times, tbh.

3. When She DGAF About The Kids

Chrissy Teigen Tweet

Yeah, MIKE. Go Chrissy for not giving a shit about random-ass internet fools who take every single thing a person they’ve never even met does personally.

4. When She Offered This Very Astute Television Commentary

Chrissy Teigen Tweet

Yes. Anyone who acts superior to people who love reality TV can fight me. So, my dad can fight me.

5. When She Fell Asleep At The Oscars

Chrissy Teigen

Do I even need to explain the importance of this? No. No, I do not.

6. When She Tweeted This

Chrissy Teigen

If you’ve never said this but not about selfies, you’re either boring or we would not have fun together.

7. When She Wouldn’t Let John Legend Break Up With Her

John Legend Tried To Dump Chrissy Teigen

Again, this is fucking iconic and an inspiration. Do you hear that, ladies? Breaking up isn’t a decision. It’s an option, and you can always say no.

Thank you Chrissy, for your contributions to humanity. We love you. Never change.