The Comfiest Spring Pants That Aren't Leggings

Among the many fashion trends spring has to offer, the biggest (and def the best), would be the millions of pant styles sitting in our online carts. No one in their right mind likes to wear tight, uncomfortable denim jeans 24/7 (um, hello, social suicide) and like, unfortunately, we cannot possibly wear leggings to every single occasion that involves leaving the house. Praise fucking be that there are chic alternatives to both of these—Palazzos, culottes, trousers, and basically everything in between. They’re all comfy AF, versatile for the office to bar hopping, and you can literally match any top with them. Here are six spring pants styles to you get obsessed because fuck jeans. For real.

1. Brandy Melville Tilden Pants

These spring pants come in black and white, so perfect. We’re off to a fan-fucking-tastic start because they’re clearly neutral af. They’re high-rise trousers with an elastic waistband, so they not only hide your bloat, but they also have some stretch to them in case carbonated drinks get the best of you. Oh, and they make your butt look like you do squats on the regular.

2. BCBGeneration Self Tie Pant

Well, obviously, you need at least one pair of all-black pants in a style that’s neither denim nor leggings. That’s a given. Get a straight-legged fit that you can pair with heels or booties so you can quickly switch from office profesh to happy hour hoe. These spring pants have a trendy belt you can adjust and v convenient pockets. Bless.

3. Alice + Olivia Dylan High Waisted Leg Pants

The higher the rise, the more often you can say you hit the treadmill. Everyone knows high-waisted anything makes you look lean and toned. It’s only an added bonus that the wide-legged ’70s style also adds a few inches on your frame, so your legs will look miles long. The blush is def a go-to when it comes to amping up your spring wardrobe.

4. ASOS Miss Selfridge Petite Checkered Tailored Pants

If you live in the 21st century read our shit, you’d know by now that plaid and gingham prints are v trendy rn. Shamelessly take on Clueless vibes by swapping out an “ensemble-y challenged” plaid set for retro checkered pants you can wear while day drinking, but also to like, corporate meetings and other adult-y events.

5. Topshop Side Stripe Slim Joggers

I hate to break it to you, but it’s true. Track pants are a thing whether you like it or not, and they are not limited to Fridays. Don’t hate me, hate Corporate America and the trends your favorite stores carry. On the bright side, these are probably your best bet (and most pathetic excuse for street style) when you’re too hungover to put an outfit together, much less get off of the couch on Sunday.

6. Lush Paperbag Waist Wide Leg Crop Pants

You’ll obvs want something that transitions from spring to summertime, easy livin’ vibes like this white pair of billowy spring pants that make you look boho chic and 10 times tanner. Pair with a black crop top or like, literally any other cute shirt that makes your summer bod (or lack of) look good.


Images: Ahmed Carter / Unsplash; Brandy Melville (1); Revolve (1); Shopbop (1); ASOS (1); Topshop (1); Nordstrom (1)
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